Caregiving Slogan Contest: Hire a Family Caregiver


Caregiving Slogan Contest: Hire a Family Caregiver

hire_slogan_contestOn, we regularly discuss what it's like to juggle caregiving responsibilities and a career. We've talked about the fear of disclosing a caregiving responsibility to a new employer and how some have lost a job because of caregiving responsibilities.

Our non-profit organization, The Center for Family Caregivers, works to embrace, employ and empower family caregivers. On a regular basis, we'll launch a social media campaign to get the word out about a specific issue surrounding our platform (Embrace, Employ and Empower Family Caregivers). For instance, our Family Caregiver Awareness Days (Cook for a Caregiver, Job Jar Day, Kiss a Caregiver, Grill for a Caregiver, Labor Day Break) are a way to encourage others to "embrace a family caregiver."

In addition to my goal of employing family caregivers, I'd love family caregivers to be able to find and keep employment. With that in mind, I'm planning a social media campaign that encourages employers to hire family caregivers as well as keep them as employees. The campaign will highlight what makes family caregivers truly valuable employees. With your help, we'll promote that message across social media, including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Every great campaign needs a catchy slogan--a memorable one that advances the cause and motivates action. Because I'd love your help in creating the slogan and tag line, I'm holding a contest to find the best slogan for our campaign.

Examples of slogans and tag lines include:

Employ Family Caregivers: We Care All Day

Hire Family Caregivers: Your Business Is Our Business

You get the idea. You also understand why I need your help.

The Caregiving Slogan Contest: Hire a Family Caregiver contest begins today and ends February 10. Any individual currently caring for a family member or friend can enter the contest. Create both a slogan and a tag line and then email them to Be sure to include your name and phone number in your email message. When you submit your slogan and tag line, you are are giving and The Center for Family Caregivers permission to use your work for the purpose of helping family caregivers find and keep work.

I'll choose the five best of the slogans and tag lines submitted and then ask everyone to vote for their favorite from those five. The slogan and tag line which receives the most votes will become our winner.

I'll notify you on February 12 if your submission makes the top five. Voting for our favorite slogan will begin February 14. If your slogan wins, I'll  promote you on, our social networks and any other way I can. And, if you win, you've got a great accomplishment for your resume and an opportunity to really make a difference. In January 2010, we voted to change the term "care recipient" to "caree." Four years ago, I never imagined "caree" would be used as regularly as it is today.

I'm also soliciting prizes for our winner; if you'd like to donate a prize or sponsor our contest, please send me an email. I'll keep you posted on our prizes and sponsors.


We've got prizes for our winner; I'll update the list as we receive.

Our winner will receive:

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What about:\r\n\" Hire a Family Caregiver: We Care So You Don't Have To.\"\r\nJust kidding.\r\n\" Hire Family Caregivers: Help Those Who Care-Care.\"

Bob Marcotte

How about \"Caregivers: We Love You To Death!\"