Virtual Caregiving Summit: Day 2


Virtual Caregiving Summit: Day 2

Rachel, who cares for her grandmother, and Gael who cared for her parents and son, connect at our Third Annual National Caregiving Conference.

We’d love for you to join us for our Fourth Annual National Caregiving Conference, which will happen November 7-10 in Chicago.

To help you join us, we're sponsoring a contest during our Virtual Caregiving Summit, which began yesterday. Watch our daily videos as part of our Summit, post a comment and you'll be entered into a chance to win airfare to Chicago; free conference registration; and three nights at our conference hotel, the Chicago Marriott O’Hare.

Today, we introduce you to Mark Servais.

For a chance to win, watch today's video, below, which features our conversation with Mark, who cares for his son. After watching, post a comment about what resonated with you about our conversation in our comments section, below.

Conference Details

We are so very grateful for the support of the following sponsors of our National Caregiving Conference, especially Embracing Carers™, this year’s supporting sponsor:

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Up with the times! Love how the use of tech is used for GOOD. I love how Mark shares how they navigated tech's boundaries and tool of empowerment... no attachment needed, no hovering, etc. Love how tech can foster independence and empowerment for the whole family and caregivers. If I attend, I look forward to the possible plans! Thank you for all that you do....and you are not alone!

Lisa B Capp

Thank you Mark and welcome to your first NCC, you will love it! It is so important for us to hear perspectives from both men & women who serve as carers. I love your - how can home automation & tech help in a caregiving situation from your personal experiences with your son.. I do hope you'll share the story of your guitars, too!

Brenda Blais Nesbitt

As a fellow parent of a child with severe disabilities I am so excited to see Mark's presentation and learn of what he has created to enhance their lives and the lives of their son!!

Alison van Schie

Applying tech to the caregiving journey - so much to learn. And a likelihood of snow in the November forecast!

I enjoyed Mark's positive approach to caregiving technology. It does take thoughtfulness and commitment to improve your life and the life of your loved one to experiment with new home care technology. Mark's positive coping attitude is an inspiration to all caregivers.