Caregivingliving - Affirmations


Caregivingliving - Affirmations

And so I must say, this has been an amazing week.

I completed my consultant training this past Thursday. Not only did I meet some amazing individuals, my commitment to supporting others was affirmed. I have to believe there are people who need support and validations as they provide care.

Isolation has devastating effects for caregiver. And so caregivingliving is creating a new norm and finding a way to feel whole when you may often feel depleted. It takes a village is not simply a phrase. It's the truth. I often felt like I had experienced a transition when in fact my husband survived. Initially, the support was there and then... There are always the faithful few and I am thankful. A simple phone call or a nice visit are appreciated. Often people do not know what to do or say and so here is an opportunity. The opportunity is to help others understand the dynamics and challenges of caregivingliving.

There are caregivers all over the world. This global phenomenon is a part of life. We will one day be a caregiver or caree -- that's for sure. To learn and listen is a gift that will one day be opened and used.

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Congratulations Kimmy on your CCCs. That is a wonderful accomplishment. I have learned so much on my caregiving journey and have been shocked at the level of isolation and stress one experiences. Support through a CCC can be invaluable in helping to navigate this unknown and emotionally/physically and truly bittersweet journey.


Congratulations on your CCC Kimmy.\r\nGood post! I appreciate how your care taking experience has evolved to opportunity & commitment.


So true! Congratulations on completing your consultant training.