And so I was able to participate in an evening and morning chat. The energy ignited when I connected was surreal.

I think I found my village. Caregivingliving is not always easy to navigate. It is often sad, emotional, confusing yet rewarding. And so the "safe spaces" that are chats on this website, are a gift.

During this chat, strangers who are now friends, encouraged me and reached out like long last buddies. Where does this type of relationship building and authentic support take place in everyday life?

Family caregivers are a special kind of people. They lift you when you’re down, make funny jokes to keep your spirits up and congratulate you for being you.

Chats and blogging are the gifts that keep on giving.

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Kimmy, I am so glad you joined our chats and for the gifts you have brought to our caregiving family. This is such a unique journey and emotionally trying, exhausting, isolating and yet somehow so moving and touching at the same time. The chats have been so valuable in keeping me feeling engaged, okay and understood. So ever grateful for my caregiving family.


Kimmy - you've summarized the support system very well! I first came here in the spring, beat down from almost two years of caregiving and not knowing how I could possibly continue. The kindness and patient concern from everyone was touching and very much needed, The forum members help keep me encouraged and sane... I've been to almost every evening chat ever since. I think I found my village as well :)