Caregivingliving - It's my Anniversary!


Caregivingliving - It's my Anniversary!

And so it's been established. Caregivingliving is the lifestyle that has chosen me. The why is no longer the question.

The how is what guides me. How do I make this life meaningful for both of us? How do I pursue my dreams and not compromise his care? How do I learn to enjoy this new person and not mourn the man I met so long ago?

I will never understand  the complexity of a traumatic brain injury. Will he ever remember meeting and marrying ?

Today is my anniversary, it's a complicated day. We went out for ice cream and watched a movie. I bought myself some beautiful flowers., they made me smile.

Tomorrow we are going away for the first time since his illness. Caregivingliving takes some degree of planning. I hope we have a nice time, never stop trying. That's my motto. Life shifts are challenging.

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Your word “caregivingliving” crosses my mind so often. It’s such a perfect description of this road. Could you have a caregivingliving day where you renew your vows?


I, too, am dealing with a TBI. I have learned to not dwell on the loss of my Bill and applaud the small successes of the normal. With the introduction of new meds and determination, we are taking baby steps. Bill was in an accident 3 years ago, and our life changed in an instant. He was in a hospital or facility for over 13 months. He is still in a wheel chair and does not communicate consistently, but, we are getting closer every day. I love the word \"Caregivingliving\". It sums it up in one word. Thank you for being here. I hope you will be able to join in on our chats.


Happy anniversary. You are chosen and have a wonderful, caring, and special heart. I often say caregivingliving (love that term) is about love for me. We love through each day because of the love we've been given. I hope you have a successful trip. And, boy does it take planning. :)