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Caregivingliving - Kimmys Blog

(Editor's Note: We welcome Kimmy to our blogging team today. Be sure to connect with Kimmy on her profile page: @swcos.)

Caregivingliving is what I call this shift.

I have traded in vacations to amazing Islands for trips to Rita's for Ice Cream, both excite him just the same. The love of my life, my hero, sustained a ruptured brain aneurysm in 2016 and our lives changed forever. A five-month hospitalization took its toll but he made it home.

The challenge? He does not remember me as his wife, no courting memories, no wedding memories, no vacations. Its all new. The choice I make daily is to experience a new life. I am happy he survived and sad that he does not remember a 14-year relationship that was so special.

This traumatic brain injury has bought us from not being able to ambulate, eat or speak to ambulating independently and speaking. As the physical improved, the cognitive damage from this injury became so clear. He loves me differently, looking backwards is painful.

Island hopping is not required to make him happy, an ice cream cone and holding my hand will due. Caregivingliving is unpredictable and exhausting. After 2 years of weathering this storm, I choose to let go of the past. A nice trip to an Island to look at the beautiful blue water would be amazing.

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Welcome and thank you for this beautiful blog. I love the caregivingliving word. Going to remember that when I get stuck in this caregiving journey. Your story reminded me that nothing is certain and we move forward and we love, even if it is different than what we imagined or dreamed or wanted...we love. And that ice cream can be the new island for us. What a beautiful story of caregivingliving. Thank you for sharing.


Wow! Beautiful story. Caregivingliving is a perfect way to describe this shifft.