Caregivingliving - Meet the New Mr...


Caregivingliving - Meet the New Mr...

Running in to old friends use to be painful. I have moved on. It takes a moment to detect something is different, and some are baffled or saddened. He looks the same but processes differently. Still a gentleman he often says "Who was that?" after they move on.

I no longer mourn what I have lost, I live with whom I have gained.

This new guy is different!!! He loves baseball; football, not so much. He has no filter and is brutally honest. A ruptured brain aneurysm has robbed him of about 15 years of memory. Our new friends, some with similar challenges, do not miss the old guy because hey never met him. They revel in the spunky new friend who is funny, vulnerable and tells a mean dirty joke.

I cherish the old friends and on some level the new friends keep me grounded.

Meet the new Mr...

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It makes me happy to know that you are making the necessary adjustments. To be able to say “I no longer mourn for what I have lost”, is a goal for every caregiver.