Caregivingliving: Memories


Caregivingliving: Memories

As time goes by it is getting more difficult to remember life before June 13, 2016.

Pictures bring back memories and are a source of comfort sometimes. They can also make you feel overwhelmingly sad. I cannot figure out if the stress of caregiving  makes it difficult to remember or it is simply a defense mechanism that assist in protecting me from the harsh reality of what has happened.

My husband always felt larger than life and I miss him so very much. Please understand this new guy is charming yet different. Traumatic brain injuries often feel like roller coasters, the personality is so different.

I took out a box of pictures today and had a good laugh and cry, I even smiled. Making new memories and appreciating the old ones, its a process.

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I understand all too well, missing the old and relearning the new. Pictures bring tears of joy, that we were able to share that time together. There will be new and better memories to come. I am sure of that!


Kimmy, you made me smile at what you said about the charming “new guy “ Yes, it is a process. May God strengthen you for and help you with the process. Thanks for sharing.