Caring for Parents Part 5 (Emotional Flooding)

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Hey again. After the validation from the last post, I decided to take time again to talk about emotional flooding and re-triggering in caring for our parents.

I think we don't realize the profound effects of caring for our parents have on us. At least I don't.

When I'm cooking dinner or whatever during the day the role reversal is paramount for being aware of re-triggers of what we went through as children. Hence, depression and the need for validation and rest!

Emotional Flooding is a term that I've learned from counseling, just that flooding. So my plea to everyone is to rest and take care of yourselves because I know I'm at my saturation point. I hear so much about the plea to see what my parents are going through. I pray that as caregivers we stay afloat and I thank you all for the support coming that I've been looking for for such a long time!

Bless your hearts.

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