Caring with the Right Tools


Caring with the Right Tools

This is sponsored content written by me is in partnership with Depend® brand. Lookout for the special offer from Depend brand at the end of this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Several years ago, I cared for a family friend, Evie, who had dementia. When I first began caring for her, our morning routine began like this:

I helped Evie out of bed, into the bathroom and then back to the bed to dress. When I handed her an incontinence brief which lined her underwear, she would grab the brief, toss it against the wall and angrily declare, “I hate wearing that thing.”

I finally got wise to the situation, realizing that an empty stomach made Evie incredibly crabby. I changed the routine by having Evie use the bathroom when she woke up and then inviting her to the breakfast table for a three-egg cheese omelette served on a heated plate (Evie was particular) and toast. After breakfast, we went straight back to the bathroom where I could hand her the incontinence pad. She typically mentioned that she didn’t like wearing the brief but also received it when I handed it to her.

I learned that incontinence care sometimes relies on timing.

More recently, I cared for a friend’s sister on Friday nights so my friend could play Bingo at her church. When I began caring for her, Pat was 93 and suffering from dementia. I continued to care for her until her death at 96.

Pat and I also settled into a routine. I remembered my lessons learned from Evie and made sure we visited the bathroom any time Pat stood up. After dinner, for instance, we made our way to the bathroom before settling in the living room to watch television.

My first night caring for Pat introduced me to Depend® brand products. I was nervous, wanting to do my very best caring for Pat so my friend could enjoy her Friday nights without worry. While I examined the undergarment to make sure I found the front, Pat helpfully and gently pointed out the back. “This is the back,” she said, pointing to the discreet mark on the, well, back.

After Pat’s death, I reminisced with her sister about caring for her. “Pat’s skin was in such great shape,” I said to my friend. “It’s a testament to your care that she had no skin breakdown.”

I also believe the right products make a difference. I love that the Depend brand has evolved throughout the years to ensure the product works, regardless of size or diagnosis. Consider:

  • With more sizes than before, Depend FIT-FLEX Underwear provides a better fit for all different body shapes and sizes. The improved undergarment will leave users feeling more comfortable than before and confidently protected from leaks.

  • Depend FIT-FLEX Underwear has the fastest absorbing material inside for dry, comfortable protection. Featuring all-around leg elastics and a smooth, close-to-body fit, this slip-on bladder leakage protection is soft, quiet and breathable for outstanding comfort.

  • Depend FIT-FLEX Underwear is designed to fit and feel like underwear for all body shapes. Depend FIT-FLEX now comes in sizes small, medium, large and extra-large for women and sizes small/medium, large and extra-large for men.

  • A well-fitting product, like Depend FIT-FLEX Underwear, will help users feel comfortable again, and when you feel like yourself again you can reconnect with the people and things you love.

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