Carrying On


Carrying On

Just thought I pop in and say hi.

I'm doing okay, living with my daughter since November.

It's an adjustment but it's good.

Planning our trip to Italy for July.

I had cataract surgery on my left eye and all went well.

We had a nice Easter and I hope everyone else did.

Well I guess this what carrying on is. As they say, life goes on. But I must say it sucks some days. lol

Well everyone try to live life to your best every day.

Wishing well to all.

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Hey Kaz! glad you popped in & good to hear how you are \"carry on\".\r\nSry for the days that suck, lol...... at least a trip to Italy is absolutely AWESOME!\r\nEnjoy it to the fullest! & cant wait to hear all about it.


Thanks for touching base with us, Kaz! Enjoy Italy! Wow, looking forward to your book report on it.