Catching Up


Catching Up

house_contract-101003_640There are those times in life that you think "If only..."

Well, I had to put that in my back pocket and come back to reality. Reality is for now: We are caregiving for Elly in her senior living apartment which is about four miles away from where we live in her home. I go and visit once maybe twice a week. Fridays I will go and have dinner with her. NurseySis has been joining me for my Friday dinner with Grandma. We haven't navigated control of the checkbook very successfully -- she still has it! When she ran out of checks last weekend, she didn't tell me and didn't pay her rent on the first. I thought that I could gain control of the checkbook when I brought a new book of checks but changed my mind when I saw Elly with her Mardi Gras beads on, smiling, and telling me how there was a raffle. I know she went to breakfast AND lunch in the dining hall because there were no trays on her table. I wrote out her next check and let her know that I had to write and sign a check for the rent because she had not done it last week. She didn't flinch!

We have been in a real estate deal to purchase our next home so we can move out of Elly's home so it can be sold. This real estate deal has been a doozy! It's the perfect house in just the right area for a great price -- there have been no other homes in this particular area that we could afford in the past three months!!! The deal has been held up two weeks past our closing of escrow date. We found out yesterday the reason was that the seller's Realtor hasn't done anything -- literally since signing the counter offer on the first day of our offer. We've had everything done on our part including inspections/signing loan/title documents but without some obvious repairs required by the seller (which we offered to do), our loan couldn't fund and escrow couldn't close. Now the repairs are done (supposedly) but the city water hasn't been turned on or else we could've been further along today!!! We've had to sign everything all over again, pay for another inspection that should happen by Friday, then the final walk through and maybe keys next week unless there is a miracle in the works for the weekend. Our Realtor just left at 6 a.m. this morning to go to a convention in New Orleans but we've been assured her team would take care of us. We can't walk away from this house because we've spent so much time already and it is just right so we are riding this one out until the end.

It's been so frustrating as I have been packing and going through 50 years of my grandparents stuff, from pictures, slides, jewelry to wrapping paper everything had to go somewhere --trash/recycle/thrift store/keep till later?! Elly wanted an estate sale but after checking into what that involved, we decided that it would be more work for us and not enough value in the items to make it worth the service (and inconvenience). I believe we may have started a new branch of Goodwill Stores with the amount of boxes we drop off every week. Why does this take so long? I am sure people are looking at me cross-eyed when I say I am still packing after two months!! My boxes are on the smaller side so they aren't too heavy to be moved by friends (now maybe by movers). We've had numerous interruptions by appointments to drive 10 miles across town to sign papers -- so many papers at so many different times!!! Everyday interruptions to make dinner, pick up AH from work (car pooling), going to the bank (more than usual) and keeping up with regular Home Group Bible Study every week as well as Sunday worship. There are times I have just stopped and sat with Sophie the cat in my lap (therapy time). It will get done this weekend, I think. It's a four-day holiday weekend for me. My hope was to be moved on or before -- that was what was "promised" in the beginning when escrow was to close January 26.

So, this is where everything stands or bends or sits for now. I still have faith in my God and trust that His ways are the best even when people disappoint us and decide to be dishonest. I am sure his heart breaks for the way we've been treated. Our best intent has been to honor Elly in moving out of her home so that she can have the money from the sale of it to sustain her. It really weighs on her mind when she sees me that she doesn't have enough money to live on (she still does just not for more than a few more months).

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I've got everything crossed (fingers and toes) for you, EG, that you are soon settled in your beautiful new home and Elly has peace of mind that she has all she needs.\r\n\r\nThanks so much for the update. Keep us posted as you can!


Thanks for taking the time out of your intense life and schedule to share your update with us. I can completely understand the breathlessness you feel at this point. It's a wonder that you can sleep at all with the details fighting in your brain. But you have the best interests of Elly in your heart and mind and at the forefront. Setbacks and mistakes may come but they will be so outweighed by your job well done. It's not a bigger job than you can handle, and you have everything you need for the task to succeed. You have already succeeded. The rest of the world just needs to catch up.

Lillie Fuller

thank you for catching us up. praying for you and yours! sounds like Elly is happy in her new digs! that's wonderful.