Catching Your Breath


Catching Your Breath

prairie-679014_640You know how after running a race, you cross the finish line, but your heart and lungs don't know it yet?  It takes a bit to "catch your breath."

I was texting a friend today, "Do you have days when you want the world to stay still so you can catch your breath?" She agreed with the thought.

My energy is very still.  I mean very, very still. I am way more at home on a hammock than a speedboat, taking walks rather than runs, mulling over an idea rather than needing to make a quick response. I don't go through life with a "push"--it's more like a quiet reflective pool. When people are drawn to me, they are generally drawn to that stillness.

I am contemplative. I desire inner stillness as well, and when my mind starts going like a superhighway, I know I need to stop and "catch my breath" internally as well as externally. I need to process, come back to my interior core and discover paths to find that serenity that is so important to me.

I need to catch my breath. I need to find the stillness. I need to be attentive to the moments, one by one.

So I'm curious:  What things help you catch your breath?



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Thank you everyone for sharing -- I could feel myself relax as I read about the things that give you \"pause.\"\r\n\r\nI hope to keep reminding myself to take time to \"catch my breath.\"


Prayer, yoga, and meditation quite my mind. Also, a walk by myself down our dirt road with the sounds of nature allow my mind just the right amount of stimulation. Not too much, not too little. Its very soothing. \r\nIn fact, I just came in from a walk a little while ago. Ahhhh.....


<a href='' rel=\"nofollow\">@janshriver</a> and <a href='' rel=\"nofollow\">@marfromwi</a>... I knew there was a reason I click with you both.\r\n\r\nAh, reading your blog gave me a peaceful, mellow calmness. As a kid I would escape to my favorite place spot on the bank of the nearby creek. Or I would sit on the overflow pipe of our pond and watch the dragonflies and other life teaming near the surface of the water. Or I would swim, or get into the rowboat, or go for a bicycle ride alone, out it the country, where you could ride miles without seeing a soul. I like my alone time. \r\nI also like doing any kind of art or sewing.... it takes my mind away from the chaos.


I yearn for The Quiet, The Calm, The Peaceful. When people at work need the adrenaline rush of conflict to make them feel alive, I step back and yield, not me. I agree with Lillie and Lee 9 on those paths to calmness. For me a day at home without appointments or commitments lets me do the small things, too; hand-wash a silk blouse, clean a spot on the carpet, move a plant in the garden, clean the well-water stain off the house. It is very satisfying to do the small things that you look at daily and pass by, determined to do them \"another day\".

lee 9

I catch my breath with my cats. Their presence alone makes me very happy. Mishu, my boy is massaging my belly where I have trouble. He knows the exact spot. Their purring puts me in a meditative trans where I can think of nothing else except the peace and calm I'm feeling at that very moment. I can travel to any place or time with my music. I still like my Rock &amp; Roll, but when I need to catch my breath, I turn on my mellow station and watch the beauty that surrounds me. I wish us all peace.

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