baseball-glove-858367_640Sometimes, you're caught in the middle of a battle you can't escape.

At times, you're convinced you'll never be caught up.

Too many times, you got caught up in the drama that really just never matters.

All the time, you can't help but hope you caught all the balls.

You're caught by caregiving, surrounded and enveloped by all that caregiving requires and needs.

Some days, you desperately look for the exit sign.

Other days, you anxiously hide from that exit sign which seems to find you.

All the time, you're grateful to be caught up in an experience which never ceases to show you how much courage and inner strength you have.

It's okay you're caught. Because you'll also catch well-deserved blessings and joyful moments. And, then it will be your turn to bat.

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Yep! This applies to me today. Caught between Sister and Elly, AH & Elly, Letting Go and not Letting Go! Even trying to get info on Assisted Living Care Homes isn't going well when the one person I must talk to doesn't answer their phone, return a call or is still in a meeting that was supposed to be done 1 hour ago. Oh, and now, at work, office manager wants to take tomorrow off, No, I said, not doing that for you - after a whole week of subbing I am DONE!