Meet Our Newest CCC Skills Consultants


Meet Our Newest CCC Skills Consultants

When you enroll in our Certified Caregiving Consultant™ training program, we went you to complete the program feeling ready to launch your business or new service supporting family caregivers. To date, more than 150 individuals from the U.S., Canada, U.S. Virgin Islands, Trinidad and Qatar have enrolled in our Certified Caregiving Consultant™ training.

With that goal in mind, I'm thrilled to announce that we've added additional Skills Consultants to our CCC program. Each of our Skills Consultants have completed our training program and also now support participants in our program.

Meet our Skill Consultants, below, who will help you practice the skills you learn during your Certified Caregiving Consultant training program: Questioning, Listening and Validating. We also have consultants who will share ways to use our caregiving tools and assessments with your clients, arm you with effective networking skills, guide you to create a Simple Caregiving Solution, welcome you to our program, and help you create your presence on

Denise Brown, Simple Solution Consultant
Denise guide you to create your Simple Caregiving Solution, which becomes your offering,  like a product or service or support group, that reaches family caregivers, whether they be in your workplace, your community or your congregation. Denise launched in 1996. was the first website to add online caregiving support groups, daily caregiving chats and blogs written by family caregivers. Through its blogs posts, podcasts and video chats, holds one of the largest online libraries of caregiving stories. Next Avenue named Denise a 2017 Influencer in Aging, one of “50 advocates, researchers, thought leaders, innovators, writers and experts who continue to push beyond traditional boundaries and change our understanding of what it means to grow older.” Denise launched the Caregiving Consultant Training™ program in 2016 to create opportunities for former family caregivers to share their wisdom, knowledge basis and encouragement with current family caregivers.

Toni Gitles, CCC, CCE, CCF, Tools Assessment Consultant
Toni will show you how to use our caregiving tools to create packages to sell to your clients. Toni currently works one-on-one with family caregivers, facilitates support groups and participates in “dementia friendly” caregiving conferences on vacation cruises. In November 2018, she began leading the Certified Caregiving Educator course. She also is a trainer for the Certified Caregiving Facilitator™ and Certified Caregiving Consultant™ courses. In 2018, Toni delivered 23 presentations based on Denise’s work and her own experience as a caregiver. She completed her CCC and CCE training in January 2018.

Carolyn Grant, MA, CCC, CCE, CDCS, CGRS, Facilitator, Listening Skills Consultant
Carolyn, owner, Family Care Transitions, LLC is a life coach and consultant. Carolyn’s authenticity and strengths-based approach creates an immediate sense of rapport and trust with her clients. Carolyn was a sandwich generation family caregiver for over 10 years while she cared for multiple family members. Carolyn’s clients benefit from her unique background in Human Resources and Training, family caregiving and the skills that she conscientiously developed to best guide or advise her clients. Carolyn has a broad spectrum of clients that include family caregivers, former family caregivers and others in life transitions, career coaching and corporate clients. Carolyn listens, educates, guides, collaborates and provides support for whatever her client needs, including how to have those difficult conversations.

Rachel Hiles, CCC, Jump-Off Consultant
After you complete your certification, Rachel will help you set up your profile, page and blog to help you secure clients. Rachel is a 31-year-old aspiring local celebrity do-gooder in Kansas City, MO. She has been the primary caregiver for her grandmother for three years, and has used the knowledge and experiences gained over the past twelve years building a career helping disabilities at the individual, organizational, and systems levels to help her grandma have a good life and age in place. She owns Nth Degree Media and Design and blogs about caring for her grandmother at

Deb Hallisey, Networking Skills Consultant and Certified Caregiving Consultant
Deb is a past and present caregiver. Currently caregiver to her mother, she saw her father through Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) until his death in 2015. Deb is a Certified Caregiver Consultant™, working with adult children of aging parents. With an extensive network of resources built over years as a caregiver and blogger, Deb helps you find the right solutions to your caregiving worries. Together you create a unique strategy for your family. Deb's blog was named as one of the Top 50 Caregiver blogs and featured in Aging Insider. She is available as a writer and speaker. For more about the presentation: "Using Social Media for Healthcare Information and Caregiver Support” contact her at deb @

Dannelle LeBlanc, CCC, CCE and Onboarding Consultant
After enrolling in our CCC, CCE and SAGE Giving programs, you'll be prompted to schedule a 30-minute session with Dannelle, who will answer your questions and ensure you have what you need to start. Dannelle is a former family caregiver who cared for her father-in-law with Parkinson’s disease for 12 years. She is inspired by her mother, who was lifetime caregiver, social worker, and compassionate ally for family and strangers alike. Dannelle completed her CCC and CCE training in May 2018 and is a Certified Senior Advisor with 20+ years experience in health care, training, and patient support.

Beth Suereth, Questioning and Validation Skills Consultant and Certified Caregiving Consultant
Beth is a Certified Caregiving Consultant (CCC) with vast experience using open-ended questioning, a foundational CCC skill. In a hospital-based caregivers center, Beth asks family caregivers guiding questions that help them find the best ways to manage their time, emotions, and unique circumstances. In her work as a writer, Beth used a similar approach while interviewing more than a thousand people for newspaper, newsletter, and magazine articles.

Thanks to all our Skills Consultants!! So grateful to have you with us.

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