flower-139356_640It seems like it's bad luck that this is happened to you. You may ask yourself in exasperation, "What really are the chances of this happening?" Because it can feel like the only chance happened to you and your caree.

That feeling--bad luck only happens to us--is natural. It's normal to feel tapped for this disaster as you look around and see that everyone else in the world seems chosen for good luck. You don't seem to ever encounter anyone else in the same situation as you.

It's a lonely, isolating place of two.


You've got more than one chance in your life. Sure, one of the chances gave you a bum hand. But, the hand that gives out chances is always full. The hand never runs out of chances.

You've got another chance. Take it, leaving behind that other chance. Give yourself a chance to make the best of each day. You, of all people, know how to make the most of every chance. You do it every chance you get.

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This is vary much how I operate. One day at a time and if something does not work do what you have to and move on.