tablets-193666_640You say a prayer that the check doesn't bounce.

You cross your fingers that the check is in the mail.

You regularly check to make sure you're not dragging something on the bottom of your shoe you shouldn't.

And, you constantly check to make sure your caree eats, rests, breathes, lives.

All this checking can make you want to check out and check into a luxury hotel where the only check involves the room service bill. You'd love someone else to check in on you--to make sure you're still eating, resting, breathing, living.

But the checking is a part of your life. It's the habit of your day. You may dread it sometimes but it does give you a sense of control. With all you check, you ensure you stay on top of your responsibilities, like your financial situation and your caree's health. With your vigilant checking of your caree, you gather the information which becomes so important during your caree's check-up with the doctor.

Sure, the checking, which can accompany silent prayers and fingers crossed, gets tiresome. When you grow weary, rest your eyes. We'll check on you. We'll even let you know when you're dragging something on the bottom of your shoe you shouldn't.

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Yes, yes, and yes. I will admit that I am not always the best at staying on top of the lists, but I am absolutely the one constantly praying about something on the list - usually a check to come in (was doing that today and lo and behold, our rental check was in the mail in time to cover a check I had written a bit prematurely), but sometimes it is to remember something else on the list. (This just reminded me I needed to call my mom back - she called earlier while I wasn't available and will worry if I don't return her call - see what I mean...forgetful am I). :)


Loved this one. I live by my check list and I'm elated when I can place a check mark of accomplishment by each task. This list includes not only our weekly routine but the people I want to check in on too.


Oh, boy, I can really relate these days. I watch Elly go out now, which hasn't been the norm and check the back yard, water on the trees, the mail twice a day or stare at an old report from the Doctor. Something is spurring her on to do these things. She won't admit to forgetting but admitted making mistakes in her checkbook but of course she caught it. She's ordering books either online or by phone, I only know because of the emails they send to confirm shipment. Some books she already has a copy of. . . I think I just want to retire to a home and let someone else check on all that kind of stuff! Give me some games and I'll be happy to let someone do the checking!

Donna Bates

AMEN! And please remember that people suffering with dementia also remember to check their own routine, over and over again. The man who grabbed door knobs in the memory care unit was a school administrator who made sure all doors were locked at 5pm. Mom always handled the checkbook and each evening made sure it balanced. She still reaches for it and studies it every day though she hasn't made out a check in months. It makes me wonder what routine I will be checking when I no longer have to.