National Caregiving Conference Preliminary Agenda


National Caregiving Conference Preliminary Agenda

Shirley Riga, who cared for her daughter, and Lisa B Capp, who cared for her mother, shared their experiences as NCC18 presenters. They'll return as NCC19 presenters.

Our preliminary agenda for our Fourth Annual National Caregiving Conference is ready! Our conference will take place Nov. 7-10, 2019, at the Chicago Marriott O'Hare. We'll be regularly updating our agenda so please check back regularly.

View the NCC19 Preliminary Agenda, which reflects this year's theme, Our Amazing Difference. We want you to experience change at NCC19 so that you return home with new insights, purpose and knowledge. Our sessions reflect our commitment to delivering a difference for you and to you.

View the NCC19 Preliminary Agenda while keeping in mind that session times and locations may change. Please be sure to check back for regular updates. We're releasing a preliminary agenda so you can preview the sessions you can experience when you join us. Note you can view an overview of all sessions as well as each day's sessions.

Early-bird registration will open on June 1. Our NCC19 Budget can help you plan to join us and provides details on how to book your room at our conference hotel, the Chicago Marriott O'Hare. (Note: We sold out our block of rooms in September last year; if you plan to join us, please make your room reservation as soon as possible.)

NCC19 Tracks
Our tracks this year include:

  • Advocacy & Policy (see below for more details. Please note we're finalizing sessions in this track. We'll keep you posted as we add sessions.)

  • Coping

    • How do we manage our caregiving emotions, responsibilities and stress?

  • Experience

    • Join us to expand your experience into what's possible. You can rap, tell a story, join a choir, create a stand-up act.

  • Home

    • How can we improve our homes to better provide care?

  • General

    • These sessions, which will be broadcast live, offer a view of the caregiving experience.

  • Solutions

    • We'll share solutions to our common caregiving problems.

  • Systems

    • We'll discuss on we can improve the systems we encounter and how these systems can better serve us.

This year, we're thrilled that Embracing Carers™, our supporting sponsor, will hold four separate sessions. Embracing Carers™ is a global movement led by EMD Serono in collaboration with leading caregiver organizations around the world to increase awareness, discussions and action about the often-overlooked needs of carers. As a biopharmaceutical business, EMD Serono has a long-standing legacy of making a difference in the lives of patients and their loved ones. The Embracing Carers™ initiative aims to play an important role in building connections and implementing practical solutions to support caregivers around the world.

In addition, we're adding a two-day act, Policy for Family Caregivers: Empower. Act. Transform, which will be created and led by Lisa B Capp and MaryAnne Sterling. Lisa and MaryAnne, both former family caregivers and regular attendees to our conference, will fill their track with powerful presenters and topics. Lisa and MaryAnne describe what you can expect from their track, below.

Advocacy & Policy Track for Family Caregivers: Empower. Act. Transform.

Objective statement
For family caregivers, the care journey can often be derailed by health policies that form a confusing maze of rules, regulations, and paperwork and create roadblocks to effective care. Our stories of perseverance as caregivers, despite these challenges, paint an opportunistic picture of the need for dramatic change. The policy track will engage attendees in a different kind of conversation, one that is focused on empowerment, action, and transformation. We will connect the dots between the caregiving challenges you face every day and the policy issues that have created them. We will arm you with tools and information to help you begin (or strengthen) your advocacy journey. Our amazing difference can amplify our collective voices to transform the policy landscape and improve the caregiving journey for all.

You want to join us if:

  • You are frustrated by your experience with the healthcare system and want to have a voice in making it better

  • You have learned valuable lessons from caregiving and want to use that experience to help others navigate through the maze

  • You want to learn how health policy intersects with everyday caregiving issues and how you can make a difference

  • You want to have a voice in the direction of medical research for the disease or condition you are dealing with

  • You want your voice to be heard in the healthcare debate, but you don’t know where to start

Track Segments:

Empower: An overview of how your everyday care challenges intersect across the health policy landscape
Act: Tips, techniques and protocol on how to advocate at the federal, state, local, and grassroots levels; deep dives will be provided into high interest subjects
Transform: Turning your caregiving knowledge and expertise plus the knowledge you gain about policy into powerful transformative advocacy actions

View the NCC19 Preliminary Agenda. (Be sure to check back for regular updates.)

We're so grateful to the sponsors of our Fourth Annual National Caregiving Conference:

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