Check Up!


Check Up!

diagnostics-161140_640Elly had her "annual" check-up appointment with her doctor this week.

Doctor appointments are something she just doesn't like to do and I was not happy that she was asked to fast for this 8:45 a.m. appointment. I had Elly take her important meds - just three little pills in the morning with a little yogurt; she can't swallow them with liquids. There was no undressing involved; I was surprised. By the time we were seen, Elly's blood pressure was way up over 180. This sent the little office gal into a bit of a tizzy and I think she was told to take it again after about 15 minutes. It was still high - 165! This is very normal for Elly, which I tried to explain. So, the doctor came in with a third type of blood pressure cuff and the reading was better at 155. At home she would consistently be in the 120 range. We discontinued her BP med in December after her hospital stay since her pressure was so low she could barely function.

The doctor is fairly young and the reason for the fasting was to check her lipids. Criminey! Who cares!!! Sure, enough, her numbers were in the alarming range and as the doctor revealed it, stating that medication would be needed for that, I just steeled myself to be calm. My comment was, "Well, I don't think you'll get her to take another pill. We really want palliative care anyway."

My tone must have set the doctor off and she was snippy about telling me that she was just informing us of the results and not saying she HAD to take another pill. This doctor then questioned why we didn't see the dermatologist last year after she sent them a referral. I said that we did go, he prescribed an ointment that made her break out even worse so we discontinued it. She rebutted my report to show me a fax from the dermatologist which stated that the patient refused the appointment that was made. This was true, Elly took the call and told the dermatologist office that she was fine and didn't need to come in but I called the dermatologist's office and made the appointment and got her to it!

I decided to remind the doctor of the Sunday she called the house and spoke to Elly about the change in her thyroid medication. I was sitting right next to the phone and heard the conversation but Elly told me the exact opposite of what the doctor had just said. The doctor then said that Elly had repeated the information back to her properly. I agreed that she did do that. But after Elly hung up the phone, she changed the story totally, that is why, I explained to the doctor, that her office is to call my phone and not Elly's house phone. I was prepared to ask her to perform whatever test for dementia on me AND Elly if she wanted to check my story! I felt like she was being ridiculous!! I really don't know if it is worth having a consult to get it straight with this young doctor since we only intend to visit her once a year.

It seems that Elly's bad cholesterol is pretty high, at risk for stroke but I just wasn't surprised, she's not a 60-year-old! We were sent next door to the lab to have blood work done to check kidney and thyroid function. (NurseySister was not happy Elly had those tests until I reminded her that the doctor must do those labs to continue to legally prescribe the three medications and have the insurance pick up the tab!)

I suggested to Elly that we stop at Starbucks on the way home, but no, it was just too hard for her to get in and out of the car. When we got home, Elly just sat in her chair.  When lunchtime came around, Elly just sat in her chair, said not to fix anything for her. That evening, I went to home group but AwesomeHubby came home late and stayed with her for dinner. She didn't eat. Elly said she just didn't feel good and let AH wash her legs before she went to bed. Elly was "Fine" on Sunday, but the doctor appointment with the fasting made her uncomfortable, ill and upset.

I will refuse to have her do the fasting next time, I just don't see the point in that. I may ask for the doctor to tell me the results of her lab work so I can know her kidney function - I try to use nutrition to help her feel better. My NurseySister and I are in agreement still that Elly will continue to enjoy her life at 93.10 years old with minimally invasive medical help. She gets her ice cream, hamburgers and sweet treats whenever she likes!

Tuesday night she enjoyed Homemade BBQ pork ribs with roasted zucchini and red onions, fresh steamed green beans and yellow watermelon. She ate heartily.

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Exasperating, just exasperating. That is my word of the day. So sad that a \"doctor\" does not see the bigger picture that YOU KNOW BEST when inappropriate tests cause more stress. I remember when I was a brand-new mom, I had a doctor who was an alarmist, and switched to a doctor who believed me and made me feel like a good mom. What a difference. No one knew my daughter any better than I did. NO ONE, not even a doctor. Bless you for your advocacy and wisdom.


I think that's a good and loving choice to help her enjoy whatever time she has with good food and treats! I'm sorry her doctor is so difficult to deal with.


You are an amazing grand daughter!