Chemo Tuesday


Chemo Tuesday

syringe-866555_640Yesterday was lab, doctor's appointment, chemo.

Lab is easy. The lab tech girls are great; my husband says he never feels the needle. Doctor said the tumor count is up a little (we knew this already) and said my husband will get PET scan in the next week or two.

The infusion room was nuts today with a new nurse, a lady getting sick and old nurse leaving. They are shorthanded as one nurse just had baby. Everything went slow as the new nurse had to get everything checked before she could give chemo. When the lady got sick and was throwing up, all nurses were helping, getting a barf bag, checking blood pressure. When she passed out, they called her doctor to come look at her. Then they called her husband to come to the cancer center.

So it took longer then normal for everyone. A guy came in; his take-home pump stopped working. They had to fix that. We finished chemo and got the take-home pack.

We got home late. We were there about five to six hours. Both of us were tired.

Husband is sick today. We go back Thursday to get take-home pack off.

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I've been thinking of you PD. I'm so sorry I'm so slow to comment.\r\n\r\nYour account of what happened at chemo really gave me pause. It reminded me of how much we are affected not only by what our caree endures but by what we observe others enduring. We don't go through a painful time without the impact of watching others go through their pain. No wonder we have compassion fatigue.\r\n\r\nHow are you and Hubby feeling today?

Leslie, The Visionary Passage

What an exhausting day for you both. I hope you have a bubble bath in your near future! <3