Chicken Poisoning


Chicken Poisoning

chicken-692438_640I just made these chicken spinach roll-ups I found on the internet and under-cooked them by 15 minutes because I didn't read the recipe carefully. Mom, my son, and I were all digging in and talking about how good it tasted when I realized the texture wasn't quite right. It was the right color, and I didn't see any red juice (chicken breast meat), but I took it up to my husband (who hates spinach and wasn't eating it) so he could diagnose it.

Raw chicken, he said.

So I put the uneaten remains back in the dish, baked it another 20 minutes, washed the plates and utensils, and we ate some more--it wasn't like I had any other food to offer--but the thrill was gone, to say the least. Mom is nonchalant about it, but I'm feeling pretty sick with fear that I've given her chicken poisoning (son's term). I feel like he and I can weather a bout of diarrhea, but I'm terrified to think of Mom getting very sick. And we won't know for sure for like 72 hours.

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Thanks all! I'm pretty confident at this point that we don't have chicken poisoning. Sigh of relief.


Be careful and stay healthy


Can I relate to this! I'm known for putting food on the table and then at the last minute, jerking it away and saying, \"NO! Don't eat that!\" Ask my husband, Poor thing.\r\nAnd always it is bad enough putting ourselves at risk but putting someone else is so much worse. Sometime I'll have to tell you the story of my imaginary brush with botulism. \r\nThinking of you and hope all the good antibodies fight hard and the bad germs lose.


Food poisoning is no picnic, so I hope you all stay healthy.


Ugh. That dread...\r\n\r\nI hope you all remain healthy.\r\n\r\nAnd let us know when you get past the 72 hours. :)

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