Choctaw Redundancies (Same Stuff Different Day)


Choctaw Redundancies (Same Stuff Different Day)

Department of Redundancy Department Department of Redundancy Department (Photo credit: Voxphoto)

Today, I wish for you a sense of peace that quiets your doubts, quells your worries, silences your critics and quenches fear @denise

@rainbow  I’ll come back. You have me in tears, my dear. I’m about to fly out there so we can have a coffee and talk!Bear with me while I copy paste what I want to quote, dear soul. Il, you have to take care of yourself—you matter. Yes you do!! I do too.
Caregiving can kill people.

(it does not have) to kill us~or me)

I love Nature and the interconnectedness of Nature and the Divine.

Hola Amiga

It is said

that a friend

is one

who enters

when the whole world has gone out

(something like that)

hola amiga hola amiga (Photo credit: 400dc)

O-Kaaaaaaay to quote @lisa-03. The Hola amiga pic just appeared as I was trying to figure out what I wanted to type here.  I've been having a tearful day. A lost day. An "I'm done" day. I can't change my father. I can't change the situation.  An"I have got to take care of myself" day. An "I don't have six words to describe my last temper tantrum." It's in this blog. I feel 300,000 miles away from myself right now. I can't risk landing back in the hospital day. I want the best for everyone day but if I stay here I'll lose myself again day. A nothing is better than the smile that passes between us day. A what is in the St. Peter picture that represents caregiving day.

I love the "Hola Amiga'' quote that @rainbow sent in response to my post, "Commonalities." Why do I choose the word Choctaw? I don't know. It appeared in my mind this morning along with redundancies. We care for others every day and go through the same thing over and over. We can only control ourselves. How can I take care of myself when I feel like I'm on the brink? On the brink of losing my sanity. Where do I move so all of us are safe?  I know that my father and I are driving each other nuts. I know my parents are not okay on their own and I know that at this point I've reached out to authorities who have said as long as my father has his faculties I cannot do anything but say can I help. Or, Are you okay? Or, Do you want to go to the hospital? They are falling (physically) more and more. Dad fell twice that I know of yesterday. So did Mom. I'm burning the candle at both ends and then some.

English: Water color painting by Alexandre de ... English: Water color painting by Alexandre de Batz. Choctaw, spelled as tchaktas, are painted for war holding scalps. A African child plays with a choctaw child. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

@worriedwife has said many things that are important to ponder not the least of which is how would I feel if something happened to them? Okay, trust me; the magic is working here picture after picture after picture is showing up and all of them relate to what I'm typing. Redundancy. Or is it:  empathic connection?

There, I'm done for now. I think.



¡Hola, amiga! ¡Hola, amiga! (Photo credit: Victoria Gracia)



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