Chris Shares His Story in SunSentinel


Chris Shares His Story in SunSentinel

Chris_TLOChris (@thpurplejacket) shared his story during the last months he cared for his partner ("TLO") with a reporter and photographer for SunSentinel newspaper.

The story appears today in the newspaper's print edition and is also available online: In Sickness and in Health: A Couple's Final Journey.

I visited Chris in Florida this past week and attended TLO's memorial service on Wednesday. I said a few words at the memorial service but couldn't quite figure out how to tell one story. I shared it the next day at lunch with Pegi (@worriedwife) and Debbie (@derbytwo) and then that night with Chris.

So, I'll share it with you, too.

I visited Chris and TLO last March. During our visit, Chris and TLO showed me the sights and sounds of South Florida. When we stopped for lunch or dinner, Chris would say, "I'll take a picture." So, I would pose and fuss a bit and do my best to give my best smile. (I knew the photos would land on Facebook.) With a few exceptions, the photos Chris took simply featured one model--TLO. I didn't make the frame.

Chris only had eyes for TLO.

(I will do my best to let you know if I'm traveling to your area so I can meet you for lunch as I did with Pegi and Debbie. It's a treat to connect in person.)

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Hey if you come to Florida again, I live in central FL, 50 miles east if Orlando and Disney world. I live in Cocoa, near port canvaeral where cruise take off from. I have in Florida almost whole life except for the 20 years I was in the army. I can't believe I have been out if the army for 20 years. My mom tried to tell me I turn 30 on my next birthday next month, I looked at her and I wish, I am really turning 60 years old. Hope you have a great week.