Logo Contest: Vote!


Logo Contest: Vote!

Let the voting begin!

We're voting for our favorite design which will be the logo for our #coffeewithacaregiver mugs.

Your choices are:

coffeewithacaregiver_logoNo. 1: Steam, Coffee by G-J

No. 2: Steam, Heart by G-J

@G-J, who cares for her husband, submitted this design. Her comments about her logo:

"I am a terrible artist! I tried using programs on the computer to draw something, but they looked worse! My idea was to have two coffee cups, with the handle of each as half a heart. The steam from the mugs in one drawing is (supposed to be) the word coffee, and in the other a heart."

screen_shot_20140719_at_4.29.40_pm1No. 3: I Care by Jacob

Josh submitted this design. His comments about his logo:

"I'm not an actual caregiver. I'm only in high school, and I don't have a job where I provide care to others. Nevertheless, I am the founder of Love For The Elderly, an organization which provides care to seniors all around the country. We collect anonymous letters of kindness and distribute them to senior centers and nursing homes. I believe this makes me a caregiver in God's eyes, and that is a title which I could not be more proud of."

caregiver_mug_contestNo. 4: Adventure by Lisa

@LisaRae, who cares for her father, submitted this design. Her comments about her log:

"I began caregiving for my Daddy 5 years ago after my Mom passed away. While he doesn't have as many of the physical and mental issues other caregivers deal with, it's always an adventure and is ongoing."

Under "Caregiving," the logo reads "The Ongoing Adventure."

pause_caf_pour_qui_copieNo. 5: Pause by Simahey

Simahey, who cares for her younger brother, submitted this design. Her thoughts about her logo: (Simahey submitted her entry in French. I translated from French to English using Google Translation so I apologize for some awkwardness in the translation.)

"Family caregiver of my younger brother, heavy head trauma following an accident while cycling, there 6 years, I only assume this invisible disability that disrupts behavior. My brother is not accessible to reason. He was 'delivered' to me without the instructions.

"Myself handicapped by a debilitating disease, I remain positive and support being her guardian and sister this maximum. Disability is not the seller, the family has left aside.

"On-site Macif, I joined a forum there one year, the benevolent and fraternal dialogue, friendly, encouraging. We support our family of caregivers roles. I regularly broadcasts pictures with "thoughts" on FB. My full testimony and the Express online nickname Simahey. Thank you for your action."

untitled_drawingNo. 6: Butterfly by Casandra

Casandra (@comicvixen) submitted this logo. Her comments:

"I care for my husband who is recovering from a brain infection and suffers from seizure disorder. The logo I created is just a simple logo and one with a touch of inspiration to it."

The quote under "Coffee with a Caregiver" reads "No one can help everyone but everyone can help someone."

tplpiecesheart__withtxtcombotplpiecesheartpink - withtxtcomboNo. 7: Blue Pieces by PearLady

No. 8: Pink Pieces by PearLady

@PearLady, who cares for her mom, submitted two designs. Her comments about her caregiving situation:

"The design came to me in a afternoon shortly after the contest was announced. I think I must have been going through a heartbreaking moment, or maybe a typical day. Days kind of meld sometimes. All I could think of was caring with every bit of oneself. We go day to day doing what we have to do for others, many times it's a thankless job. In rare moments, we get a smile or a hug; and when such moments are by someone of which you're caring, it's that much more special."

Vote for your favorite, below. You can vote once every day until voting closes at midnight on August 18.

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