Come Get Some Cake!


Come Get Some Cake!

(From the Community Caregiving Journal 3-word prompt Habit, Define, Top.)

Today marks my one-year anniversary of blogging on -- a habit that has helped save my sanity in more ways than I can count. Have a piece of cake!

(All chocolate. All the time.)

Honestly, I don't know where I'd be if I hadn't found this place. All of you have made a tremendous difference in my life, solely by being who you are and doing what you do. Denise, thank you sooo much for this haven!

Among the things that have made that difference are:

1. Validation. I find common ground here that I've found nowhere else. Feelings I've struggled with? They're here! Absurdities (to put it nicely) in medical, legal, and other systems of authority? They're here! All the times I've wondered, Why isn't this working? What am I missing? -- this place teaches me that I'm in good (and awesome) company!

I am better able to define my situation and find my voice within it -- including times when I define it differently than my partner and differently than the various authorities we've encountered.

2. Catharsis. I express things here that I express nowhere else. I come here when I think my partner should be fitted for a tinfoil hat. I come here when the skeletons in my closet need a place to run and play. I come here when the world I've been taught to believe in crashes down around me, and once all the smoke clears I see only -- more smoke. I can let it all hang out and find out that I'm not alone. None of us is.

3. Fellowship! I want to put this word in big lights with party streamers and fireworks. You all have helped and continue to help me break through a wall of isolation thick enough to fracture Superman's hand if he tried to punch through it. Your support and cheerleading and the ways you all cope give me strength that I can't begin to measure. And in the midst of everything, we can still laugh and have fun together and be ourselves.

You're the Top! From the bottom of my heart, thank you all so, so much! :D

Now, where was I? :-)

As part of my adventures in self-care (catch-up edition), I went in on Monday for an eye exam and to be tested for glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration, especially since my genetic risk for those diseases is higher than average.

I'm fine on both. In fact, my eyesight is pretty good (20/25). As the optometrist put it, a prescription would do a better job than the magnifying reading glasses I buy at the supermarket, but it's no problem as long as I'm happy with the magnifiers.

For now, I'm happy with the magnifiers. My next eye check doesn't have to be for another two years.

The optometrist is about a quarter-mile from me and the weather was nice, so I walked -- especially since those glaucoma eyedrops wouldn't wear off for a while. No driving for me that day!

I ended up hoofing it for three miles, for that day's workout. :-)

On my way I stopped at the store where I buy my jeans. Now that I'm three sizes down from where I started last September, I needed more than the one pair that I was wearing. I lucked out -- the store had a sale -- and left with three pairs.

The cashier asked me, "Did you know you're getting two different sizes?"

"Yep," I said. "The 34s fit me now. The 32s are for inspiration." :-)

Eating healthier food has been helping my eyes, too. The optometrist said that certain fruits and vegetables are especially good for the eyes. Spinach tops the list. Also high on the list are the red grapes that I eat as my post-workout snack. Yay for that habit! :D

My partner is very happy that I got my eyes checked.

My eye as digital art.

On Tuesday I went in for my mammogram (also overdue) and first-time bone density test. Then I stopped at the market for more red grapes and spinach! (And other items.)

My mammo pasties go there, right? ;-)

Next week it'll be my partner's turn, as we head down to Tampa for her neuro appointment.

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