Common Ground


Common Ground

sand-1009755_640I remember years ago (19 years ago, to be exact) when I was pregnant with my son. All of a sudden it seemed like everywhere I looked, anywhere I went, I saw a pregnant woman. My husband noticed it, too, and we joked about it being an epidemic. There wasn't a baby boom in 1997, so why did we suddenly notice so many pregnant women?

Last fall when Dad was ill, and his hospital stay evolved into a rehab stay, which evolved into assisted living, I suddenly heard of more and more people going through similar circumstances.

And now, I keep stumbling into people who have recently lost a parent.

It's interesting how sometimes we don't notice certain elements of the world until they apply to us, isn't it?

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It is interesting how our circumstances do make us more aware of what is happening around us! Maybe it is comforting in a way? There are definitely times when it's not but how we get through these times is important, one day or one hour at a time!


I thought it was just me. I have a friend who lost a husband and father last year. Another friend lost her mother last year. Her husband lost his mother last year. I lost my beloved mother last August. A friend on this site lost her mother 6 days after mine died. I thought it was my age but I know you are probably younger than I am. It is a very difficult time for us. I have now lost both parents and feel very alone but I know others are feeling the same way. In this way we can support and help each other to grieve their deaths. I have gotten so much support from this site as I am sure you are too. I wish you peace in the sad journey we must all take.