Some Words to Live by - Street Sign, Capital H... Some Words to Live by - Street Sign, Capital Hill, Seattle (Photo credit: brewbooks)

Once again thank you for being there my friends in our commonalities. I woke up exhausted, thinking I've lost everything, I can't pay my bills, I need more sleep, it's late now get up. Mom sundowning and Dad helping but spilling milk on me in the process.

Yes I know this is a nice gesture to help with breakfast but I'd just done my laundry yesterday and had gone aaaaaahhhh no more tomorrow.

Nope.  I then turned on my computer and got: 'Hey there il. No, I am definitely not your ex, il. I’m not cyber stalking you' (@rainbow). @rainbow and I have so much in common I started 'reminiscing' about my ex. @rainbow was a Godsend and reminded me that he is my friend. Then another reply sending hugs and coffee (yes, please, thank you!). Then another big hug from another friend. And another reply saying I'm a brilliant writer.

Then another impulse to blog saying that the friends I'm talking about have such commonalities that it just blows me away. Yes, we're all in this together. We have never lost everything.

Thank you for the hugs, I'll take as many as I can get. Heather, I wish you sunshine as well. I hope it spreads to all that need to feel the warmth.



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Hola Amiga\r\n\r\nIt is said \r\n\r\nthat a friend\r\n\r\nis one\r\n\r\nwho enters\r\n\r\nwhen the whole world has gone out\r\n\r\n(something like that) :)