Community Journal: Crash, Pieces, Forgive

Community Journal: Crash, Pieces, Forgive

Crash to me = a fall.  Falls equate to a decline.  Crash leads to ambulances, doctors, rehab and a continued cycle.  Crash is sad.

Crash also means pieces.  Pieces to fix, pick up and try to confront.  "I was just clumsy.  It won't happen again.  It is the darn bath mat or my too long pants."

CRASH and PIECES could have been talked about years before.  The issue of falling - loss of balance - is huge in physical and mental decline.

Why not plan?  Forgive you?  Forgive me?  You were in denial.  You wanted life to stay the same.  I didn't like rocking your boat.  You changed when anything that wasn't about how beautiful everything was broached.  Life could have still been beautiful.

I wish that you didn't need to crash, break in pieces and makes excuses (forgive me).  But I only get to watch you age badly once.  That all makes me sad.  I am really trying to learn!

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