Confusion and Setting Things Right


Confusion and Setting Things Right

UnabootLegsElly, my grandmother, has been fairly inactive lately, which has been just fine with me. We discovered that a person with a 93-year-old body should have a little higher blood pressure than the ol' 120/40 standard. NurseySister found that in the medical journals!

Elly just doesn't feel like moving much with the low blood pressure. So, now we've seen her blood pressure rise as NurseySister suggested that I gradually remove her blood pressure med but not the water pills. This has been a successful move and the wound care doctor and nurses have not made any issue of Elly's blood pressure. It is very high 181/80 when she is in the clinic before experiencing the pain she knows is coming. :) The RN and health aid here at the house have recorded 140/50 regularly so we are confident Elly is doing just fine.

Elly continues to have issues with swelling in her legs. She now has two wounds! One on each leg now. The first one is from the dishwasher door that fell as she was propping it up with her leg to add "just one more dish". This happened while we were gone at Thanksgiving. The second one started out small, just a break in the skin from the water build-up in her legs from kidney failure (normal part of aging).

We have now two Una Boot wrapped legs on Elly. This qualifies us to keep the health aide for showering and the RN to come out once a week. The Una Boot is keeping her legs trim looking but oh, those poor toes that stick out! They are still on the swollen side. After the wounds heal, the Una Boots can come off and a special wrap has been ordered and paid for by insurance. This wrap will compress her legs to control swelling but it can come off for showering. I continue to mention to Elly that the wraps will also protect her legs for any more "bites" from the dishwasher. :)

The reality is that Elly will not take a shower by herself any more. I remind her that her arms can't reach all the necessary places to keep her body clean and healthy. So far she hasn't given me any trouble with that notion, but, the boots aren't off yet.

We have had some issues with the company providing the health aide, the Scheduler to be precise. It seems that they send out someone when it's convenient for them, not for Elly. I am coaching Elly on how to say she NEEDS someone on Friday mornings by 8:30 to come and give her a shower. That is the only day/time that is important. She isn't asking for the Moon!!! This week will be the third week I will contact the scheduler to have the shower person come no later than 8:30 a.m. on Friday! They do not call me before they come also, sometimes they have called Elly which means she will say, "Oh, I don't need any help with a Shower." Just one little issue that would make such a big difference if they could just get it right!!

You see, Elly has hairdresser that comes every Friday morning at 9 a.m. to Elly's house to "set" (put curlers in wet, washed hair) Elly's hair. Hairdresser drives in from another town at 9 a.m. to set Elly's hair then works other clients in the shop around the corner until they are done (around noonish) then returns to "comb out" Elly who has dried her curlered hair under our hairdryer. This hairdresser and Elly have had a relationship for over 30 years, but hairdresser has just started coming to the house in the last two years. Charlotte, an elderly lady down the street, uses hairdresser also - she gets picked up by hairdresser and taken to the shop for the morning. :) We are so grateful that I don't have to do Elly's hair!

AppleBlossomAmaryllisWell, Wednesday is just around the corner and we'll see how the Wounds look this week. Every Wednesday is Wound Clinic day - also known as Torture Day! Everyone there is so nice, they make you feel welcome before the torture!

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EG, did my mother move in with you? Or am I watching your grandmother? The little bit about Elly propping the dishwasher door open for \"one more dish\", oh, that is priceless. God Bless these stubborn women, still \"making it work\" even when normal people would have given up. I took my mom to the emergency room twice last summer for leg wounds and twice more we attempted to heal wounds by ourselves. And God Bless your patience and caring for such intimate, important needs.


Hi EG,\r\nI admire all that you do for your grandmother. I am lucky to have my mom's beautician as well. He use to be friends with my Grandfather. He still runs his shop and he is almost 90 years old. He played a trick on me one day. He placed a long wig on my mom when I came back to pick her up. He told me he gave her a weave.I was shocked. Then mom snatched it off and they both laughed. Long time friends are a blessing.


Oh EG, the joys of dealing with schedulers. Last Tuesday we waited for our regular HHA to come to give mom her shower (or sponge bath these days). I realized she hadn't called on Sunday to let me know when she would be here. Since she usually comes around 10:30 I finally called the agency to find out what was up. OH, she is out sick today. Someone will be there around 2. Nice of them to let me know. By 3:30 our caregiver and I finally decided to get Mom washed up without her and cancelled. Honestly, all we want is a little courtesy and a TIME! An accurate, adhered to TIME! Is that so much for us to ask for?\r\n\r\nHow nice you have a hairdresser who will come to the house. Hope all goes well at the Wound Clinic tomorrow!


Hi EG--I loved reading about Elly's hairdresser, which is such an important ritual and relationship. It's frustrating that the agency can't accommodate Elly and such an important part of her week. I did groan when I read the scheduler calls Elly. You would think the scheduler would know better.\r\n\r\nThanks so much for the update. I soooo hope Torture Day is a little less torturous. :)


Ahh, Gail, you have the sweetest relationship with your mom. Elly and I have similar personalities. I would love to be where you are, a little farther along in your mom's journey since she is accepting of all you are doing for her! I wonder if that will happen for us. We just take one day at a time and smile, laugh and joke around to keep the mood light hearted even when I don't feel like it. Thank you so much for XXXOO's! I keep you and your Mom in my prayers for comfort and release from the pain.