Congrats to These CCAs, CCCs, CCEs, CCFs, CCSs


Congrats to These CCAs, CCCs, CCEs, CCFs, CCSs

We had a busy close to our 2019! I’m so happy to announce the following individuals have completed the requirements to become Certified Caregiving Advocates™, Certified Caregiving Consultants,™ Certified Caregiving Educators™, Certified Caregiving Facilitators™ and Certified Caregiving Specialists™. Congrats to all and we look forward to celebrating your successes!

Certified Caregiving Advocate

Maria Cuasay
Maria was an IT project manager and SaaS system designer before becoming a family caregiver for her parents. She's found time to be an indie author, trained copywriter and marketing solopreneur. Helping relatives with chronic illnesses plan for their future ignited a desire to be more active in the wider caregiver community. Maria enjoys spending time with her family, attending comic conventions and developing interactive games. Connect with Maria via her profile page: @mariasc.

Deborah S. Greenhut
Deborah wants to live in a world where caregivers and care recipients experience mutual amity. Far too many caregivers are in need of care themselves. As a writer, Deborah has been honored by the Princemere Poetry Prize and the Strawberry One-Act Play Festival for her writing on difficult subjects. Following a long career as a teacher and administrator, Deborah retired to travel and work on a memoir about caregiving, Recollections of the Hoarder’s Wife. She hopes this book will give comfort and courage to people who are navigating a similar journey of care for a loved one.

When she’s not travel blogging, you can find Deborah seeking ways to advocate for other caregivers’ work-life balance. Her “Reluctant Caregiver” blog will hit the Internet later this Fall. Deborah Greenhut is proud to be a Certified Caregiving Advocate. Connect with Deborah via her profile page: @compassioncare.

Melody Ringo
Melody is an author, blogger, entrepreneur, wife, mother, and grandmother and unstoppable influencer. She recently retired from the space industry. A former full-time family caregiver who spent fourteen years caring for her spinal cord injured spouse, she’s currently writing book one of a three-book series entitled, The Beauty of Imperfection: Kintsugi for Caregivers—A Roadmap to Healing Body, Mind and Spirit. Melody resides in Texas near Galveston with her husband and one eccentric mama cat. Her has been published/recognized by NASA, NPR, regional magazines and the latest anthology from Chicken Soup for the Soul, Angels All Around. Connect with Melody at and via her profile @mringo.

Certified Caregiving Consultant

Photo: Robin Weeks, Certified Caregiving ConsultantRobin D Weeks
Robin currently runs a coaching and leadership development company in Virginia called My Pivotal Point. She has been in this field of personal development in the workplace for 20 years working with managers and executives.

After the death of her father in 2012, she began looking after her mother, eventually moving her from Tennessee to Virginia when she needed more care. This journey of caregiving came unexpectedly and with no “instructions”.  

Robins's mother died in 2018 at the age of 94 which began a year of great reflection on how being her mother’s caregiver had changed her. She had no support during those years and found that many of the managers in my training classes were also family caregivers with high levels of stress and many questions. 

Caring for an elderly parent brings so many challenges. And, the balance of work and caregiving creates additional stresses. Robin wants to support you because you do not have to do this alone! There are solutions to challenges, there is support for your stresses.

Robin focuses primarily on those caring for an elderly parent. She also wants to work to better educate employers to the need for support of the growing number of caregivers in their ranks. Connect with Robin and reach out to her via her profile page: @deer.

Certified Caregiving Educator and Facilitator

Beth Rooney Suereth
Beth founded Caregiving Pathways to teach family caregivers how to manage the hospital stay and the end of life. She is a Certified Caregiving Consultant, Certified Caregiving Educator, Certified Caregiving Facilitator, and end-of-life doula. She is also a Skills Consultant for the Certified Caregiving Consultant training program. Beth was a family caregiver for her father for five years.

In addition to helping family caregivers one-on-one, Beth works with AARP Public Policy Institute and organizations in the health care industry to support family caregivers and help them prevent complications that can lead to emergency department visits and hospital readmissions. She also teaches financial planners how to create personalized, practical end-of-life plans for their clients.

Beth serves as a peer reviewer for the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute. She is the former national director of marketing at BioScrip, an infusion therapy and home health provider, and a former volunteer family caregiver coach at the Thomas Glasser Caregivers Center at Atlantic Health System’s Overlook Medical Center.

In a marketing role at prescription benefit manager Express Scripts (previously Medco Health Solutions), Beth received the Medco President’s Award for her work on the Family Caregiver Project and launch of the Women’s Health Therapeutic Resource Center. She earned a Health Policy and the Affordable Care Act certificate from the University of Pennsylvania and holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Boston University.

Beth also just renewed her certification to remain a Certified Caregiving Consultant. She will deliver services to working family caregivers through our Caregiving Support Benefit, our voluntary employee benefit. Connect with Beth via her profile page @bethsuereth or her website,

Certified Caregiving Consultant, Educator and Facilitator

Christine Ranaghan Forte
Chris lives in New Jersey and assumed the role of primary (24/7) caregiver for her father for over 5 years. Her dad succumbed, at his home, from brain cancer, in October 2018, at the age of 97.

In 2014, Chris had to make a very deliberate and conscious decision in her professional career, due to her dad’s complex and intricate personal health needs. She resigned from her position as Vice President of Educational Outreach and Program Development for Learning Ally, formerly known as Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic, a national non-profit organization.

During her 15 years at the organization, she was able to raise significant funds through her New Jersey Legislative/Lobbying endeavors, as well as her philanthropic statewide efforts. Her accomplishments led her to be a resourceful executive, whose proven success in developing and implementing strategies, improving operations and generating new revenue streams were used to expand volunteers , donors and memberships.

Chris is proud of her past professional achievements but it is with great distinction that she has come to realize that it was her caregiving for her father’s severe difficulties in his health that brought her honor, grace, adeptness and peace in supporting him through his best days, his worst days and then through his decline and ultimate death.

She came upon during the last several months of her dad’s life. It was late at night when the house was quiet that she would read and learn from others on the online website. It gave her solace through a turbulent time in more ways than one. She came to realize that in a single moment, the role of a caregiver can change in the most unimaginable ways. truly helped her.

Chris looks forward to the latest chapter in her life. She is thrilled that she has finished her classes and passed her exams to become a CCC, CCE and CCF for It was no easy achievement since Chris is severely dyslexic and it took her longer than usual to complete.

Chris will incorporate all that she is learning at CareGiving.Com with other certifications that she has been awarded through her company, CR Forte Associates, LLC.

Today she embarks on a new career that ties in all that she has learned not only through her professional life but also her personal life. She has come to realize that she has been a caregiver in one form or another most of her life by assisting directly and indirectly with the task of taking care of elderly grandparents, a close friend who died of AIDS, a fiancé that died of a massive stroke, a mother who was stricken with colon cancer, an older sister who died of Lymphoma, and a father-in-law who had Alzheimer’s.

Chris has come to realize that the complexity of care for a family member or friend is diverse, unique and distinctive and on-going.

Besides her work in caregiving, she is also working with support groups that deal with bereavement, grief and loss of life. She is also the proud parent of an adult daughter that is on the Autism spectrum, married to a great guy and has a Yorkie that keeps her on her toes.

Connect with Chris via her profile page: @cdr.

Certified Caregiving Educator

Theresa Wilbanks
Theresa completes her training with her Educator certification, having completed the requirements to become a Certified Caregiving Consultant and Facilitator this fall. Theresa is a sustainable caregiving expert. She knows first hand the challenges involved in caring for aging parents, which is what led her to start her business, Sustainable Caregiving. She managed care for her mother through the end of life and is currently a caregiver for her father. Her skills also come from 25 years of formal work experience where she led collaborative efforts to achieve successful results. Theresa uses these experiences in partnership with her client’s knowledge and skills to help make the caregiving journey less stressful and more meaningful. Her passion is to help others balance the caregiving trials and tribulations with care and compassion and a healthy dose of love and laughter. The strategies and solutions that are developed to address current worries will build a foundation that will support future caregiving needs. This foundation is the key to sustainable caregiving. Theresa is in the Tampa Bay area and is available to meet in person, on the phone or by video conference. Outside of Tampa-Bay, she is available by phone or video conference. To set up a free 45-minute consultation with Theresa, go to

Theresa also will deliver services to working family caregivers through our Caregiving Support Benefit, our voluntary employee benefit. To connect with Theresa, visit her profile page: @theresaw.

We’d love for you to build on your personal caregiving experience with one of our training programs. You can save 15% with coupon code LAUNCH when you enroll to become a Certified Caregiving Advocate™, Certified Caregiving Consultant™, Certified Caregiving Educator™, Certified Caregiving Facilitator™  or Certified Caregiving Specialist™.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions about our training. I’m happy to talk out which program is the right fit for you. You can email me at denise @ or call me at 773-343-6341.

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