Congrats to Our CCC Scholarship Winners!


Congrats to Our CCC Scholarship Winners!

flowers-997581_640In October, I launched our eight-week Certified Caregiving Consultant training program.

I'm happy to announce the following scholarship winners for our first session, which begins January 4:

  • Deborah Gregson, who cares for her mother and cared for her mother-in-law. Deborah is a tireless advocate for both family caregivers and carees. You can connect with Deborah on her profile page: @deborah.

  • Jane Northrop, who cares for her daughter, Nicole. Jane joined in March of 2010 and has been an active member as well as an invaluable volunteer. She mans the monthly chats, Get Organized and Caring for Children, as well as manages our Facebook fan page three days a week. You can connect with Jane on her profile page: @jbones1961.

  • Lillie Fuller, who cares for her mom and cared for her father and grandparents. Lillie joined in 2009 and is a tireless volunteer who connects and support with as many members as she can. She mans the daily afternoon chat as well as organized and produced A Caregiving Cookbook, which we published last fall. Lillie also helps manage our Facebook fan page and offers warm welcomes to our new members.

  • Vanessa, a registered nurse who cared for her husband who had ALS. "I have a whole different perspective on the caregiver role after being the caregiver to my spouse," Vanessa says. "Caregiving is the hardest job in the world!" You can connect with Vanessa on her profile page: @vanlang.

Congratulations to these scholarship winners, who will make a wonderful difference in the lives of family caregivers. Through our scholarship program, these students will take our program and receive our training materials at no cost to them. After becoming certified, they will give back by helping out on and offering their services at no charge to a certain number of clients.

We have a few seats left for our January training program and several seats in our February program. If you're interested in becoming a Certified Caregiving Consultant, please watch our free webinar, which offers details about the program. You can purchase our Certified Caregiving Consultant training in our store.

We begin a session for our training program on the first Monday of every month beginning in January. We'll offer scholarships for each of those sessions. Look for details on how to apply for a scholarship for our February session on December 17.

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Congratulations to everyone!

Lillie Fuller

Thank you so very much <a href='' rel=\"nofollow\">@Denise</a>! I feel honored! I can't wait to get this ball rolling!!!