Congrats to Our CCC Scholarship Winners!


Congrats to Our CCC Scholarship Winners!

bouquet-394216_640In October, I launched our eight-week Certified Caregiving Consultant training program.

I’m happy to announce the following scholarship winners for our first session, which begins February 1:

  • Andrew, a Certified Nursing Aide who currently work as Client Care Instructor for Comfort Keepers in Highland, Indiana and Tinley Park Illinois. He currently teach three classes that he developed -- a 6-hour In-Home and Client Safety Class, a 6-hour Alzheimer's and Dementia Class, and a 4-hour Transfers and Durable Medical Equipment class. He is working on two additional classes, one "Caring for the Caregiver" and "Documentation: If you didn't document it you didn't do it." In his application, Andrew writes, "I want to become a CCC because I know it is the next step for me to make in the development of both my character and career. I have been a Certified Dementia Practitioner for just over a year now and have utilized this title as a gift allowing me to reach into the lives of hundreds of caregivers that I have come in contact with. I feel that being a CCC opens up a new avenue of training that allows me to commit to caring for the caregiver." You can connect with Andrew on his profile page: @alzandrewkoch.

  • Glyniel, who cares for her husband. "I would like to become a CCC because first of all I like helping people," Glyniel wrote in her application. I have a non profit for helping married couples who have a spouse with a mental illness to help to keep there marriages together." To connect with Glyniel, visit her profile page: @enciplement.

  • Larry, who cares for his mom, a family friend as well as paid clients. "I already have people asking me advise on caring for family," Larry write in his application. "One of the social workers from the dialysis center has with speak with the family caregivers of the dialysis patients about what to expect from the caregiving side of things." You can connect with Larry on his profile page: @kc9hdp.

  • Michelle, who cares for her husband, and facilitates a caregiving support group. "I have often thought that there might be people in my community who would appreciate my advice on things like organizing medicines or setting up the sick room at home, what to purchase and what to request from the HMO," Michelle wrote in her application. "When my husband came home from rehab, after his stroke in May of 2012, I had my two sons to help me prepare. None of us knew what we were doing but working together we were able to make the necessary decisions and purchases. I can imagine how difficult it must be to do all that alone. I believe that the CCC training would teach me new and creative ways to reach out to people." You can connect with Michelle on her profile page: @michelle.

Congratulations to these scholarship winners, who will make a wonderful difference in the lives of family caregivers. Through our scholarship program, these students will take our program and receive our training materials at no cost to them. After becoming certified, they will give back by helping out on and offering their services at no charge to a certain number of clients.

We have seats left for our February training program and in our March program. If you’re interested in becoming a Certified Caregiving Consultant, please watch our free webinar, which offers details about the program. You can purchase our Certified Caregiving Consultant training in our store. (Note: The cost of our training program goes up February 1 so be sure to enroll now to avoid the price increase.)

We begin a session for our training program on the first Monday of every month beginning in January. We’ll offer scholarships for each of those sessions. Look for details on how to apply for a scholarship for our March session on January 22.

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