Congrats to our Certified Caregiving Educators!


Congrats to our Certified Caregiving Educators!

cces_octoberOn October 27 and 28, five Certified Caregiving Consultants gathered in Chicago to further their training and become Certified Caregiving Educators (CCEs). The five CCCs and CCEs are pictured from left to right are Lisa Riggi, Tami Neumann, me, Bill Galea, Gloria Forcier and Carolyn Grant.

Meet these CCEs:

Gloria is a mother, wife, sister, daughter and entrepreneur who enjoys helping others through their caregiving journey. After caring for her dad and realizing the impact of caregiving on her entire family including her stepmom, her children, husband and sister, Gloria decided to make a difference and help other families. Understanding family dynamics, the importance of communication and sharing is key to help families through the various emotions of caregiving. In addition to communication, you need a plan. Gloria helps create plans for present and future needs of your family, in a way that helps everyone understand and feel comfortable. You can connect with Gloria through her profile page: @gloriaforcier.

Bill is the author of the book “When I Go Home: An Alzheimer’s Caregiver Story of Love.” Bill, who cared for his parents, is dedicated to inspiring and motivating the public towards more awareness, sensitivity, and compassion for the Alzheimer’s patient along with creating a stronger national commitment towards better care, treatment and finding a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. You can connect with Bill through his profile page: @billg.

We don’t know what we don’t know is one of Carolyn's favorite adages. Her clients benefit from what she knows about caring for aging parents and family members. She gained the knowledge over a 10-year period helping her aunt and her parents learn, plan, adapt, cope and accept medical diagnosis and living with disease. She understands the struggle of worrying, fulfilling needs for sick family members while simultaneously balancing the needs of your own family. Caregiving can feel isolating at times and putting others needs before oneself is taxing. As one of her clients said, "Our weekly talks are a gift I give myself." You can connect with Carolyn through her profile page: @carolyng.

As the Chief Operations Officer of Silver Dawn Training Institute, Tami is passionate about creating a community that is connected and informed. Curating conferences and creating dynamic educational content that provide the community a welcoming place to learn and grow is not only important to Tami, she feels this is paramount to creating a culture shift in the aging space. Tami, who cared for her mom and currently cares for her son, is a Certified Dementia Practitioner, and has spent over 20 years in the Aging Industry. Over the past three years she has hosted the Wego Award Nominated podcast, Conversations In Care. In her free time you will find her advocating for people with Type 1 Diabetes and developing her skills in improv. You can connect with Tami through her profile page: @tneumann.

Through her caregiving consulting business, The Serene Harbor, Lisa offers individuals a place of peace and safety as they navigate their caregiving journey. Lisa was raised in a caregiving home since birth. Her grandmother lived with her parents since their wedding and she witnessed them care for several family members either in their home or at a facility. Lisa's parents became her carees in 2006 when they moved in with Lisa and her family. Lisa’s dad, who passed away on Veterans Day 2014, was a proud Air Force World War II and Korean War Veteran. Lisa has a passion for giving back to those who served and to the families that sacrificed to protect our country. She wants to help veterans and their families in caregiving situations. Besides her mother, Lisa currently cares for her 17- year old son (who has Type 1 diabetes) and a 12-year-old son with the help of her husband. Their therapy dog, a shih tzu, is appropriately called “Sir Sleeps a’Lot.” You can connect with Lisa through her profile page: @LisaRiggi.

As CCEs, these students can now offer “The Caregiving Years” presentation as a keynote, a two-part workshop or a three-part series in their communities (including at their library, to local employers and at caregiving events). The students also will become a part of our soon-to-launch Caregiving Speaker’s Bureau.

In preparation for our weekend training, these five students completed four virtual classes and passed a quiz. They arrived for the weekend prepared to present a one-hour presentation — their take on my concept, “The Caregiving Years.” After delivering the presentation, each student received feedback in the form of “What I Like” and “Please Consider.” (Thanks so much to Heather Slutzky, a CCE graduate from our July 2016 session, for our feedback model.)

These students really stepped up to deliver, completing both their Certified Caregiving Consultant training and Certified Caregiving Educator in just eight weeks. They managed a heavy work load while also remaining available to each other for support and encouragement. Our time together inspired all of us to create our best work to help family caregivers. It was a true honor for me to be with these five talented individuals. I'm so excited for future collaborations.

Thanks so much to Gloria, Bill, Carolyn, Tami and Lisa for making our weekend such a wonderful experience. I will keep you posted on all they do!

(Want to become a Certified Caregiving Educator? The first step is completing our Certified Caregiving Consultant training program, which begins this week. You can still enroll this week in the CCC training. Once you complete the CCC training, you are eligible to take our next Certified Caregiving Educator training program happens March 30 and 31 in Chicago.)

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