Congrats to Our Newest Certified Caregiving Advocates and Facilitators


Congrats to Our Newest Certified Caregiving Advocates and Facilitators

Congratulations to the following individuals who have successfully completed our Certified Caregiving Advocate™ (CCA) and Certified Caregiving Facilitator™ (CCF) training programs.

Katie Brown, CCA
Katie has worked in nonprofit and patient advocacy for over 17 years. She is the Vice President Support and Survivorship Programs for LUNGevity, trained in Patient Navigation at Dr. Harold P. Freeman Institute in NYC and Oncology Patient Navigation through the George Washington University and is certified by AONN as an Oncology Patient Navigator. She is also the Foundation’s social media strategist and author of the books, Co-surviving Cancer and Navigating Advocacy. Her transition from the corporate world to nonprofit happened in November of 2002 shortly after her father’s small cell lung cancer diagnosis. She has been a cancer survivor since June 1995 and a survivor of genetic liver disease since 2014. You can connect with Katie via her profile page: @iamkatiebrown.

Mike Carducci, CCA
Mike was a caregiver for his seriously ill father for seven years. Mike was also the “caregiver’s caregiver” for Bobbi. Mike has joined his wife in being an advocate for the in-home caregiver and speaks on issues that are unique to male in-home caregivers and also how to support a primary caregiver (be a caregiver’s caregiver). In addition being a Certified Caregiving Advocate (CCA), Mike has worked with local assisted living and memory care facilities with their 'Music and Memory' program. Mike has completed Caregiver Basic Training (Caregiver Training University), Empathy Music Detective Training (Alive Inside Organization) and is a member of the Processional Association of Caregivers. Prior to being a caregiver advocate, Mike spent 31 years as a civilian federal employee with U.S. Department of Defense where he has received numerous awards and honors. In that capacity, he has had the opportunity to perform presentations on National Defense/Intelligence programs and issues to various heads of Federal Government Intelligence Agencies, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, US Congress (Armed Services and Intelligence Committees) and even the President of the United States. You can connect with Mike via his profile page: @mcarducci.

Vendyau Neville, CCF
Vendyau is a caregiver to her husband, a minister and entrepreneur. Vendyau knows the care of self is just as important as the care you give to others. She believes you can not serve from an empty cup. Meaning you have to be welling to take time for self-care. Vendyau also believes the 25 years of experience in the health and wellness field and in ministry has allowed her to navigate through the journey of being a caregiver and serving others. She received her certificate for Theology from Northeastern Seminary in 2006. Also in that same year she was licensed as a minister. Upon completing beauty school in 1998 Vendyau passed her State Boards for aesthetics. Soon after that she opened her skin care business. In 1977 she graduated from Sawyer School Of Business which prepared her to work as a Medical Secretary. Vendyau is a facilitator in a women’s ministry at her church and enjoys working with women helping them discover and/or cultivate their purpose in life. Contact Vendyau via her profile page: @van57.

Deborah Lyn Stanley, CCF
Deborah cared for her dear “second” Mom, aka her mother-in-law, for many years. She is writing a memoir of their years together and a book for caregivers to support and encourage this wonderful community. As the “Painting Lady”, she cared for several residents suffering from dementia in an assisted living facility teaching the Memories in the Making (MIM) creative arts program. The Alzheimer's Association of Orange County, California created and instituted the MIM arts program. Late in her career as a commercial real estate manager, her mom's Alzheimer's dementia became clear. Deborah dove into training with the local chapter of the Alzheimer's Association. As an artist, she became passionate about caring for the memory impaired through creative arts. She became an ambassador to the family to help them let go of denial and to gain understanding about what was happening to their mom—a tough road—but with reasonable success over time. She wants to facilitate understanding, respect and compassion, as well as to encourage, support and learn from my fellow caregivers. You can connect with Deborah via her profile page: @deborah-lyn.

Congrats to all! So excited for all the great work you are doing and will continue to do!

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