Congrats to Our Newest Certified Caregiving Consultants


Congrats to Our Newest Certified Caregiving Consultants

Congratulations to these students who have successfully completed our Certified Caregiving Consultant™ and Certified Caregiving Educator™ training programs:

Saskia Jennings is a Certifed Caregiving Consultant & Educator, Holistic Life & Wellness Coach for busy professionals whose life, health and career are affected by the ongoing challenges of caring for aging parents. With her Personal Support Programs and Caregiving Workshops she provides coping strategies, tools and resources that help find relief from personal resentment, guilt and stress that may lead to burnout.

Through years of gained experience as a Professional Caregiver working with seniors and their children, plus hundreds of hours of research, Saskia is skilled in offering practical solutions necessary to effectively support aging parents. These methods instantly bring a sense of peace and fulfillment and improve wellbeing and life balance.

She has been a family caregiver since 2004, caring for her father and her mother-in-law, who both passed away. She is currently a long-distance caregiver for her mom who lives overseas.

Saskia is known as a caring, passionate and dynamic speaker who delivers high valuable and life-transforming content.

Dannelle LeBlanc is a Certified Caregiver Consultant, Certified Caregiver Educator and Certified Senior Advisor based in McKinney, Texas. She has 20+ years experience in patient support and health care. Dannelle offers purposeful training, support, and educational resources for family caregivers and senior care professionals in her home state of Texas, nationwide, and online.

Dannelle was a caregiver for her father-in-law who had Parkinson’s disease for 12 years. During this time her beloved mother passed away unexpectedly, and her own health became compromised. Through these life changing experiences Dannelle became inspired to help other family caregivers.

Dannelle specializes in offering self-compassionate and practical tools that nurture wellness and purpose for family caregivers. Her passion for training and education brings unique opportunities for family caregivers to find what works for them throughout the stages of caregiving. In addition, Dannelle is training to become a trainer in our Certified Caregiving Consultant™ program.

Learn more and enroll in our Certified Caregiving Consultants™ training program, which helps you turn your personal caregiving experience into a profession.

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