Congrats to Reassure Analytics, Our 2016 National Caregiving Technology and Product Pitch Winner


Congrats to Reassure Analytics, Our 2016 National Caregiving Technology and Product Pitch Winner

During our First Annual National Caregiving Conference on December 3, we voted for our favorite caregiving innovation from our three finalists:

  1. Reassure Analytics

  2. RapidSOS

  3. Cariloop

We chose our three finalists through online voting which took place on between November 12 and November 14.

Our conference attendees voted for their favorite: Reassure Analytics! The Reassure team won $250 and will join me for a podcast this month. (Stay tuned for date and time.)

Reassure created Care|Mind, a simple, easy-to-use app for iOS that enables caregivers to monitor carees using Fitbit® data. Caregivers can monitor step, sleep, and heart rate activity; set up custom alerts; and track carees’ conditions and medications. These features not only bring caregivers peace of mind, but also improve connections with carees and alert caregivers to risks of potentially life-altering conditions. For this reason, we believe Care|Mind can solve all three common caregiving problems:

Alleviating Family Caregiver’s Loneliness
The Care|Mind app alleviates a family caregiver’s loneliness by allowing them to play a more active and informed role in the health and well-being of their loved ones. Whether it is using the information to better advocate for their carees during a doctor’s visit or cheering them on during recovery from an illness or surgery, Care|Mind gives caregivers the opportunity to share in the care experience instead of caring from the outside in.

Alleviating Family Caregiver’s Financial Strain
The Care|Mind app alerts caregivers of risk factors for or the progression of some serious health conditions (e.g. depression, dementia, falls, prostate cancer) and empowers them to seek out professional healthcare services for their loved ones sooner, rather than later. Many of these conditions are preceded by subtle changes in carees’ activity, sleep, and heart rate well before even the caree notices something is wrong. With Care|Mind, a caregiver can capture these changes as they are occurring, get their loved ones to their doctor’s office early, before the condition progresses to a point that requires much more costly medical intervention, such as an ER visit and/or hospitalization.

Alleviating Worries
The Care|Mind app alleviates the worries about a caree’s safety and well-being by using sound clinical data to detect potential warning signs or symptoms of conditions such as depression, dementia, falls and prostate cancer. Care|Mind analyzes data over time to alert caregivers of these subtle changes so they can proactively discuss their carees’ health with physicians and other healthcare professionals.

Moreover, through its continuous monitoring and daily summaries of step-activity, sleep, and heart rate the Care|Mind app gives caregivers and quick and easy way to check in on their loved ones and know they are safe and continuing on with their daily activities.

Our runners-up included:


Cariloop provides comprehensive services and tools that help families plan for and manage the care of aging loved ones. Using an innovative and transparent approach, the company offers qualified healthcare coaches through a variety of channels and online case management tools for easy accessibility to a complete solution.

Cariloop is the first company of its kind to pair a healthcare coaching service with a technology platform where users can easily communicate with their personal healthcare coach and can access important documents and discussion threads in one centralized location.

When an aging loved one experiences a health crisis, his or her family members are left with the responsibility of figuring out what to do next. With minimal caregiving experience, those family members are forced to spend hours of their day figuring out how to navigate the complicated healthcare system--all while dealing with their own personal stress, anxiety and grief from their loved one's deteriorating health.

Cariloop believes that caregivers should never have to go through the process of caring for an aging loved one alone. Cariloop's dedicated healthcare coaches walk with members through their caregiving journey and provide the guidance and advice that is so valuable during a health crisis. With Cariloop, caregivers can have peace of mind knowing that they are not alone in their situation and that they can draw on the knowledge of a coach that has walked with people through so many different caregiving situations.


RapidSOS aims to alleviate the worries about a caree’s safety and well-being through the use of technology. RapidSOS Haven is a mobile app that keeps the family and caregivers and carees connected and safe. Haven has a feature called Family Connect and a self-serve help feature called One-Touch-911.

Today, there are 180 million mobile 911 calls and all of them rely only on a voice connection, meaning that a person must have a full conversation to convey their location and any other emergency information. Caregivers are constantly worried about the ability of the people they care for to get the help they need. With One-Touch-911, Haven facilitates that process. If the person you care for finds themselves in an unknown place after wandering off or experiences a medical emergency, Haven will send their precise location, type of emergency, and medical and demographic info to 911 with just one touch of the app screen. They can also send more information as a text if they can't speak or they can talk if they have the ability to do so. Haven will also notify emergency contacts such as the caregiver of the situation.

With Family Connect, caregivers can see the real-time location of those they care for. Users can also check-in with each other proactively with a simple tap of your phone's screen. For the first time, caregivers can even call 911 on behalf of those they are caring for regardless of where they are. When they call 911 on behalf of others, Haven will connect them to the 911 center closest to the person in danger and will transmit that person's location and medical/demographic info to 911.

Haven transforms the outcome of emergency (6.9% reduction in healthcare costs, 20% reduction in property damage, and 2-10% reduction in mortality) and provides peace of mind to caregivers and families.

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