Congrats to These Certified Caregiving Consultants!


Congrats to These Certified Caregiving Consultants!

Congratulations to these students who have successfully completed our Certified Caregiving Consultant™ training program. The following graduates are now, officially, Certified Caregiving Consultants™:

Christopher-Charles Chaney
After 20 years of executive management and one brutal downsizing with his federal employer, Christopher-Charles Chaney decided to retire early and take on the most challenging yet rewarding executive management role in his life -- caregiving for his mother.

His book, Mama Peaches and Me!: Wit and Wisdom for Worn-Out Caregivers, actually started with a single Facebook posting about Chaney’s humorous mother. Weeks later, Facebook fans couldn’t get enough of the Mama Peaches stories. Almost a year later, Christopher-Charles Chaney has honored the repeated requests of social media audiences to write the first Mama Peaches book. One Facebook posting that was meant to relieve stress has manifested into a book series concept designed to help the more than 35 million family caregivers of an aging parent find humor and comfort in stressful caregiving situations.

In additional to the Mama Peaches book, Chaney is also the author of the popular-selling Breaking the Healing Code. Chaney is a National Caregivers Advocate, award-winning public-speaking champion, and a published “authorpreneur" who is currently working on the Mama Peaches sequels which are due in 2017 and 2018.As an active member of the National Family Caregivers Support Program and the Tennessee Federation of Aging, Christopher-Charles enjoys connecting with other caregivers and the community to address the needs of our growing elderly population. He has Masters of Theology from Andersonville Theological Seminary and an MBA from the University of Cincinnati. Christopher-Charles and his family currently resides in Tennessee.

Watch Christopher's webinar, An Army of One and visit his website for more information about his work. You also can send a note of congratulations through his profile page: @authorchristopher.

Diane Glittenberg
Diane studied vocal music at the University of Illinois and continues to sing in her church choir and at other events. She is a Certified Dementia Practitioner and Certified Caregiving Consultant. She cared for her father, who had dementia, and currently cares of her mother who has Lewy Body Dementia. After losing her position as a manager at a jewelry store, she decided to take a different direction for her career. In addition to caring for her mom, she works for Comfort Keepers and help other family members take care of their moms, dads, and children. This has been the most rewarding career choice she has ever made. She looked for ways to bring comfort to her mother and began looking into music and how it would help. She hopes to be able to help other caregivers to create personalized music playlists for their carees and for themselves.

Watch Diane's webinar, Personalized Music: A Powerful form of Therapy for Persons with Dementia, and listen to her share her story on a recent episode of Your Caregiving Journey, our Internet talk show. You also can send a note of congratulations through her profile page: @didi.

Elizabeth Miller
In 2014, Elizabeth’s world was completely flipped upside down when her mother-in-law was in her fourth year of battling lung cancer and both her parents were fighting for their lives. Her father passed away in August 2014 putting her in an immediate position to move her chronically ill mom and become her primary Caregiver. That December, her mother-in-law lost her battle with cancer. Elizabeth and her siblings also help care for her developmentally disabled brother. Elizabeth had to learn how to integrate caregiving with her already demanding family and work responsibilities and not lose herself in the process.

Elizabeth’s website,Happy Healthy Caregiver, helps family Caregivers create balance. Her site includes blog posts on self-care, emotional health, time management, and caring for aging parents. She also features expert interviews and shines a spotlight on fellow family Caregivers. She has free resources available such as ‘Help I need more Me Time’ and ’30 Days to be a Happy Healthy Caregiver’ available on her site. Elizabeth facilities a private online community of Caregivers who are interested in prioritizing their own health & happiness while caring for others. Her complimentary online community offers an Action Plan that walks family Caregivers through the steps to go from overwhelmed to happy and healthy.

In additional to her website and online communities, Elizabeth is the Atlanta Daughterhood Circle Leader and has been a panelist on’s Virtual Caregiving Conference and National Caregiving Conference. As a CCC, Elizabeth will help family Caregivers integrate their personal lives with Caregiving.

Watch Elizabeth's webinar, Finding Time for What You Love. You also can send a note of congratulations through her profile page: @savvysandwicher.

Our next session of our Certified Caregiving Consultants™ training program begins Monday, April 3! I’d love for you to join us. Learn more and enroll in our Certified Caregiving Consultants™ training program, which helps you turn your personal caregiving experience into a profession.

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