Congrats to These Certified Caregiving Consultants (and Certified Caregiving Educators)!


Congrats to These Certified Caregiving Consultants (and Certified Caregiving Educators)!

Congratulations to these students who have successfully completed our Certified Caregiving Consultant™ training program. The following graduates are now, officially, Certified Caregiving Consultants™:

Louise Fritsche
Louise cares for her husband of 47 years, who was diagnosed with a form of Parkinson”ism” five years ago. Louise joined during a time they experienced a lot of changes and loss in our lives together. In this community, she has found support and understanding along with valuable resources and tools. She and her husband raised four awesome kids. Her husband founded a non-profit agency to help abused and neglected children in their community. They ran the agency for 18 years until his disease interfered with working and forced them into early retirement. Louise's passion has always been in eldercare and worked for 10 years in the health care field as nurses aid. Louise moderates our daily morning chat (9 a.m. ET, 8 a.m. CT, 7 a.m. MT, 6 a.m. PT) as well as the Caring for Spouses chat on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET (8 p.m. CT, 7 p.m. MT, 6 p.m. PT). You can connect with Louise on her profile page: @frogger16.

Lisa Riggi
Lisa was raised in a caregiving home since birth. Her maternal grandmother lived with her parents since their wedding and she witnessed them care for several family members either in their home or at a facility. They became her carees in 2006 when they moved in with Lisa and her family. She enjoyed a successful 30+ year career outside the home as an administrative support specialist in a variety of public and private office settings. Lisa has 10 years of experience as a human resource coordinator where she presented workshops on medical benefits and new hire orientations. She also conducted training presentations on a human resource software system for higher education. Caregiving became her priority after her parents moved into her home and she needed flexibility in her day. She married her administrative experience and opened her own virtual assistant business that provided administrative and marketing support to on-line business owners and entrepreneurs. However, Lisa experienced a “Is this all there is in life?” moment after her dad passed away in 2014. Struggling to keep her focus on her virtual assistant business, she Googled caregiving support and found She has opened her caregiving consultant business, The Serene Harbor, which offers caregivers and their families a place of peace and safety as they navigate their caregiving journey.  Currently, Lisa cares for her 87-year-old mother, her 23-year-old daughter who suffers from Fibromyalgia and cardiac issues and her 18-year-old son who has Type 1 diabetes. Lisa also completed training for our Certified Caregiving Educator™ program.)

Casandra Porter
Casandra Porter is a working caregiver who cares for her husband. Based out of Phoenix, Arizona, Casandra's focus is on creating accessible, low-cost/free programs for family caregivers that help them in understanding the essentials of caregiving that effect both the caree and the caregiver. Casandra recently participated in our Caregiving and the Workplace Summit, sharing her story as a working family caregiver. In addition, Casandra completed training to become a Certified Caregiving Educator™ and will be delivering workshops and seminars in her community. You can listen to Casandra's webinar, Tips for the Working Family Caregiver, and connect with her on her profile page: @comicvixen.

Priya Soni
Priya is the Founder and CEO of The Caregiving Effect LLC, a platform and service launched to create a space for adults who have cared for their parent(s)/parental figures due to aging, illness and/or disability. She has developed a mission to build a movement of mentors, caregiver visionaries, who are utilizing their stories as a tool to help the many who will or are walking the path of caregiving. Through her coaching, you can turn the unexpected role of being a caregiver into a role of a lifetime—The Caregiving Effect. In addition, she currently works at a mission-oriented organization focused on educational inequity. Prior work includes running a Theatre Program for Adults with Developmental Disabilities and ten plus years as a professional actor in New York and Los Angeles. Priya has earned a B.S. in Theatre and Psychology from Towson University and M.A. in Disability Studies from City University of New York's School of Professional Studies. She has worked in a variety of settings including working with women who have substance abuse; women who have been affected by domestic violence; and with children and adults with disabilities. One of her greatest passions is creating community. Reach out to Priya at and connect with her via her profile page: @thecaregivingeffect.

Elaine Tunnell
Elaine is a Registered Nurse and a Transitioning Life Certified Caregiving Consultant. She has over 25 years of nursing experience. In her most recent seven years of home health and hospice, Elaine has been working directly in the home with family caregivers since 2010. Elaine is also a family caregiver and working, single mother to three active boys (one of which is currently in the military). For nearly a decade, Elaine has provided intermittent care and support to her grandmother throughout her history of stroke, aneurysm, breast cancer and numerous other life-limiting ailments. Her father’s recent life-threatening illness has allowed Elaine to step into a more supportive role for him as well as for his significant other (who is his primary family caregiver). While most would call this being part of the “sandwich generation,” Elaine describes it as the “club sandwich generation”. But it’s this multi-generational, multi-layered aspect of family caregiving coupled with her many years of nursing and experience with transitional care (from hospital to home, or nursing home to hospice, etc.) and each step in between, that gives Elaine the very unique perspective and vision to be able to help create and offer Simple Solutions to these many journey steps of transition for the family caregiver. You can find out more about Elaine on her website and connect with her on her profile page: @etunnell.

Marina Wittmann
Marina is an Aging Program Specialist for a county Aging & Disability Resource Center in Wisconsin. Her professional experience in working with caregivers has led her to find her passion with working with older adults – rural caregivers in particular. For those who feel overwhelmed and struggle with finding relief, Marina can help find strategies that can work for YOU. You can listen to Marina's webinar, No Place Like Home, and connect with her on her profile page: @marwitt.

Our next session of our Certified Caregiving Consultants™ training program begins today! I’d love for you to join us in our current session or in any of the following upcoming ones:

  • Virtual Training

    • August 7, 2017 (Virtual start date) (New date added)

    • September 5, 2017 (Virtual start date)

  • In-Person Training (8770 W. Bryn Mawr Avenue, Suite 100, Chicago

    • September 22, 2017

Learn more and enroll in our Certified Caregiving Consultants™ training program, which helps you turn your personal caregiving experience into a profession.

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