Congrats to These Certified Caregiving Educators, Facilitators and Advocates


Congrats to These Certified Caregiving Educators, Facilitators and Advocates

Congratulations to the following individuals who have successfully completed our Certified Caregiving Advocate™, Certified Caregiving Facilitator™ and/or Certified Caregiving Educator™ training programs.

Lisa B Capp
Lisa completed the requirements to become a Certified Caregiving Advocate™ in May. As a transformation consultant with a Fortune 100 company, Lisa worked with leaders of business, government and non-profit organizations across five continents  - all were focused on change. They wanted to change their vision, their business strategy and their bottom line business results. Lisa found helping them was easy; it was much more difficult to help herself on the journey of transformation that she and her mother shared as dementia altered their lives together. After 30+ years in high tech, Lisa's focus is now on educating and empowering caregivers to unleash the power they possess to survive the caregiving journey with grace. Surviving caregiving with grace allows us to refine our thought, movement and action in the everyday act of caregiving. In her caregiving writing, activism and consulting, Lisa applies the concepts of change theory that worked so well in business and in her 18-year journey through dementia caregiving. Was she graceful in her caregiving journey? Of course not, but she can help light the way of your journey through her experience. Visit Lisa's website,, and connect with her via her profile page: @lbeilstein.

Rachel Hiles
Rachel, a Certified Caregiving Consultant™, now adds Certified Caregiving Educator™ and Certifiebd Caregiving Facilitator™ to her services. As a Facilitator, she leads effective support groups. As an Educator, she can deliver Denise's concept, The Caregiving Years, Six Stages to a Meaningful Journey, as a keynote presentation, workshop or seminar. Rachel is also one of our 2019 Family Caregiver of the Year Award winners.

Rachel is a 30 something aspiring local celebrity do-gooder in Kansas City. She is a proud graduate of the UMKC Bloch school, where she obtained her Masters of Public Administration with an emphasis in nonprofit management. She worked in the developmental disabilities field in a variety of roles for over 13 years. Most recently, she ventured down the path to self-employment as a graphic, web and media designer so she could have flexibility in her role as primary caregiver to her grandma, Barbara. Visit her website, TakingCareofGrandma, to learn more. Connect with Rachel via her profile page: @rkhiles.

Steven Lee
Steven, who completed our Certified Caregiving Facilitator™ in April, is an expectant caregiver. Growing up, he saw his grandfather decline slowly from Parkinson’s and saw the importance of family caregiving. This drove him to co-found ianacare, with mission to encourage, empower, and equip family caregivers, in partnership with excellent resources from the likes of Steve hopes to apply the facilitation techniques he learned in the CCF course to ensure caregivers don’t feel alone. Connect with Steven via his profile page: @sclee.

Aimee Luna
Aimee completed her Certified Caregiving Advocate™ in April after becoming a Certified Caregiving Facilitator™ in March. (She's also working toward becoming a Certified Caregiving Consultant™.) Aimee believes in creating safe spaces for caregivers to explore their caregiving paths, to imagine and design more meaningful journeys, for themselves and the person they’re caring for, and to connect with other caregivers. She is a Certified Caregiver Support Group Facilitator, Certified Life Coach, and Certified Women’s Personal Renewal Group Workshop and Retreat Facilitator. Aimee is currently pursuing certification as a Caregiver Consultant/Coach through the training program. She began her personal caregiving experience with her own mom in August, 2015. It was a journey in love, with wonderful days and equally sorrowful days. Her mother passed away due to diabetes related complications in January, 2019. She spent her final days in the comfort of her home, on hospice, and surrounded by her family. Throughout the course, Aimee and her mom were blessed to have made many good memories that she and her children will cherish forever. Aimee is happy to be working with Denise Brown,, and all the caregivers who are part of this beautiful community, where she gets to experience the transformative power of the caregiving experience every day. When she’s not busy supporting fellow caregivers in support groups and workshops, you’ll find her spending as much time as possible with her 3 children and 5-year-old granddaughter, reading, writing, and checking items off her bucket list such as bartending, traveling, and taking classes towards earning her degree in creative writing. Connect with Aimee through her profile page: @aimeecaregivercoach.

Brenda Blais-Nesbitt
Brenda, one of our Certified Caregiving Consultants™, is also now a Certified Caregiving Educator™ and Certified Caregiving Facilitator™. Brenda is also one of our 2019 Family Caregiver of the Year Award winners.

Brenda is the proud and passionate caregiver of her 25-year-old daughter, Nikki, who has significant physically and developmental disabilities that make her medically fragile and dependent on technology for survival. Caregiving can be an incredibly arduous and isolating experience. Brenda understands first-hand the stressors that caregivers face on a daily basis; unexpected changes in a child’s health, navigating the complexities of the healthcare and education systems, and the relentless advocacy required to get the required support. Through years of experience, borne from travelling the paradoxical journey of life’s fragility and loves’ unyielding hope, Brenda has learned ways of staying inspired, making decisions based on love not fear, and linking with people, including healthcare providers, who share her passion for children with special needs. She shares her knowledge with others in many incredible ways! She was part of the first Family Faculty at her lregional children’s hospital, teaching healthcare providers and students about the needs of children with health challenges and their families. She participated in the inaugural healthcare and caregiver collaboration aimed at enhancing the transition of children from pediatrics to adult healthcare services. She was a member of interview teams that triaged medical school applicants and has been part of community organizations focusing on the long term housing and recreational needs of young, medically fragile adults. She has shared her strategies for navigating the challenging roads of illness while enhancing resiliency, advocacy and self-care, locally, nationally and internationally. Most recently, she started Coaching for Caregivers Canada, in an effort to provide support and guidance to caregivers whose needs are often overlooked in their caregiving journeys. Above all else, Brenda’s meaning, wisdom, and inspiration is found in being mother to Nikki; a young lady who brings infectious love and laughter to the world everyday! You can connect with Brenda via her profile page: @brendablaisnesbitt.

We'd love for you to build on your personal caregiving experience with one of our training programs. You can save 30% through May 28 with coupon code SUCCESS when you enroll to become a Certified Caregiving Advocate™, Certified Caregiving Consultant™, Certified Caregiving Educator™, Certified Caregiving Facilitator™  or Certified Caregiving Specialist™. We also have two special three-day programs to help you launch your caregiving consulting business in Los Angeles or virtually.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions about our training. I'm happy to talk out which program is the right fit for you. You can email me at denise @ or call me at 773-343-6341.

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