Congratulations to these new CCCs!


Congratulations to these new CCCs!


We're honored and excited to announce the following new Certified Caregiving Consultants™ (CCC)!

Click on a name or photo to learn more about the newest addition to our CCC squad.

Let's hear it for these awesome women, who worked hard to complete their certifications and are now embarking on new journeys to change the lives of family caregivers everywhere!


Are you next?

Our Certified Caregiving Consultants™:

  • start their own consulting business or add consulting services to their business.

  • support colleagues and customers in the workplace.


  • enhance how they serve family caregivers in a social service or non-profit agency.

Learn more about becoming a Certified Caregiving Consultant™ and our training programs at

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Congratulations ladies, I'm sure you are already changing lives for the better