Cook, Clean, Care, Repeat


Cook, Clean, Care, Repeat

alcohol-gel-818252_640As I was doing laundry, preparing dessert for tonight, marinating dinner, and dressing Mom I thought, well, there is my day. Cook, clean, care, repeat.

I really enjoy cooking. I love to come up with meals everyone enjoys and I love to experiment. Most experiments turn out well, I have a stinker now and then. Cooking is a highlight of my day. We eat every meal at home. We usually go out to eat about once a month. I love going out, but I also do not mind doing all the cooking, either.

Caring for Mom is fairly easy. I do have to think for her a lot, but she can do a lot herself, as well, with supervision. Caring for my husband is mostly "observational", as he is self sufficient. The worst part of caring is the 24/7 nature of it and not having enough time for my own interests. Well, and the worry, let us not forget the worry.

Now, cleaning. Cleaning is my nemesis. I do not like to clean. I LOVE a clean house, but the process is tiring, boring and exhausting. I keep looking at things like my closet and saying, "I need to get that cleaned out", and then another week goes by with it in the same shape. I have done a lot of cleaning lately. I cleaned my office file cabinet, closet, and desk. I felt accomplished and it looked good, for about an hour. See, that is the thing with cleaning. You take all this time and effort and an hour later, the dogs have walked through, shook and left a pile of baby fine hair flying through the air. Cleaning is never-ending. When you get to the last room, the first one needs attention again.

I guess I should be grateful that I still have the energy and health to cook, clean, care and repeat. If anyone wants to take the clean part away for me, let me know. I will gladly cook if you want to clean!

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I for one would trade cooking for cleaning, although like Denise, I am fond of neither. Laundry, that's a different story. I get some weird sense of satisfaction pulling clean clothes out of the dryer, folding them warm and putting them away in neat little piles. I even like to iron, although I don't do much lately. Maybe that's why I like to sew. The orderly progression from fabric, to finished product.


Honestly, I really don't like to cook or clean. :( At least, tonight neither sounds very appetizing. \n\nI do love how you care, though. :)


Ditto! I'd happily clean and clean if I didn't have to cook.


Oh I would so happily trade you! I actually love to clean and organize...a little too much, actually (my family says I am OCD and they are probably right!). Ah, the process of taking a messy room/closet/drawer, digging in and sorting, weeding out, rediscovering/repurposing, ordering and organizing... during the activity I am completely transported elsewhere, and when I am done, I have such an overwhelming feeling of peace and satisfaction. Maybe it's a control thing, I don't know. Now, with a hubby, two kids, dog, full-time job and now a role as a care-giver, I am seeing the \"opportunities\" in my house mounting!