Cozy Things


Cozy Things

teddy-bears-11285_640There are certain things that in this journey of caregiving I've found it a "must" to have. Cozy things.

What do you mean? Anything that can give you comfort, make you feel secure or loved. We all deserve that, especially us caregivers. Cozy things for me are things like a good cup of coffee in the mornings, or a cup of hot tea in the afternoon or late at night. My favorite pair of pajamas that have been washed to death. My kindle and favorite magazine within reach. Little things like this we can all do for ourselves. It doesn't cost much but makes us feel better inside.

Sometimes it can be some of your favorite music playing in the background of the day rather than the usual TV "noise".

And of course where would we be without comfort foods? In the fall and winter a pot of homemade soup simmering, or a dessert with apples and cinnamon maybe? I know, I need to stop this because I'm making myself hungry.

This has been my first week back at college in three years. What a whirlwind it's been. Though I'm only on campus for a few hours a week, a couple of days, I can already see it will be consuming a lot of my time. Homework already (of course), and two online classes to work on at home. If you've ever had a class online, you know they're not easy like you think  they may be. It seems they're twice as hard! Lots of reading material, lecture notes and more to go through for each assignment.

So needless to say I've had my head in the books when I haven't been taking care of Daddy. He loves the fact that I ordered out last night for dinner. I was just too tired to think of what to fix. lol. I can't make that a habit, but it does feel good once in awhile to do that. Right now as long as I keep the staples (honey buns, bacon, snacks) for Daddy and keep the newspaper and ESPN going, I'm home free with him. I for that I am blessed!

My daughter has stepped up and been helping more with Dad, getting him up for me before she starts her day, little things like that so I can devote more time to my studies. This is something that I decided awhile back to do for me. So much of what I want has been put on hold to do my best in caregiving for Daddy. I feel the strong need to have the security of a college degree for when I do enter the workforce again, whenever that may be.

So tell me, friends, what are some of your cozy things?

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I'm 100% a believer in \"cozy things\" to bring us comfort in this journey. I have 3 stuffed animals. One is a teddy bear I originally gave to my Mum who died 3 years ago now. I got her Teddy back after that. The 2nd stuffed animal is a crazy looking raccoon - given to me by my younger sister on a ski vacation together many years ago. My 3rd animal is a sheep stuffed with buckwheat that you can put in the microwave and heat up - given to me by my husband who I am now caregiver to. All 3 animals bring me comfort and relaxation during difficult times - due to their connection to my most important people in the world. Ah yes, and a good cup of tea!