Crazy As a Loon With a Side of Flies


Crazy As a Loon With a Side of Flies

Common_Loon_USFWS_MidWest_RegionSo hubby and I put out our gone fishing sign and headed out to a local stocked trout pond. The sun was shining, the breeze was blowing, and the birds were chirping. What a way to start a Saturday! We set up in quick time and cast out just in time to see a loon pop up a couple of feet away. Great, nothing like a mobile fish eating machine to help make the fish disappear. We stuck it out for three hours and caught the following:

  1. A short show of TWO loons fighting it out on the water for fishing space

  2. A large bowl worth of pond salad

  3. Sight of a Swainson's Hawk with a fish in its talons

  4. A pine tree branch (on the back swing of a fly cast)

  5. A fly in some clover (again on the back swing)

  6. Absolutely NO fish, not even a nibble.

All in all, it was a good day to fish.

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A bad day of fishing is still beats sitting at home doing nothing right? We had a blast and I also ended up with a bad sandle tan lol


Hi Chris--I love your headline. :) Yesterday sounds just perfect. You didn't catch a fish, but you caught a break. And, there's nothing like a break with the one you love.