Crazy House Here Now


Crazy House Here Now

The fun has begun.

My brother from Georgia and his wife arrived; I love her but she make my head spin. My aunt from Pennsylvania called this evening to tell Mom she wasn't going to make it. It made my mom sad, but the my aunt wanted to talk to me to tell me she is here in Florida. She thought the party was a surprise, so having my aunt come here at the house on Saturday to ride in the limo will surprise her. I can hardly wait to see how surprised she will be.

She is excited for Saturday. She had two different arrangement come in today for mom. My adopted brother brought her nine red roses because he could afford 90 roses or couldn't carry them. It gave us a good laugh.

Well this short, but I am tired and have to get ready for whatever bring tomorrow.

Here is my dress for the party.


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Thanks for taking the time from your busy schedule to update us. We're so excited for you and your family!