Create Your Caregiving Timeline


Create Your Caregiving Timeline

leaves-75214_640I just created a timeline of my caregiving experience.

Putting it down and attaching it to a continuum for some reason felt very helpful. I once again am grateful that I blog as my posts helped me reconstruct the series of events.

So, please feel free to share your timeline with us. Your timeline will remind you of that you've done and will help us keep track of your story. You can update your timeline as often and as much as you need. And, please feel free to create a timeline regardless of where you are in your caregiving journey, including in a life after caregiving ends.

Create your caregiving timeline in our Forums. Simply create a new topic and tell us about your caregiving experience.

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Lillie Fuller

This is a really good idea and I so wished I'd kept a journal for the past almost 18 years.


Wow I really like this idea, I think it could really help put in perspective someone's experience. Thank you!


Creating a timeline seems like a really good idea.but I can't do it now. Just thinking about chronicling the last four years made my eyes fill with tears.Reading your timeline almost made me cry for some reason so for now, I'll try to stay in the here and now.