Creating a Blog in the Middle of the Night: Oh, Yes I Did!


Creating a Blog in the Middle of the Night: Oh, Yes I Did!


It was the middle of the night. I wasn't sleeping well...again. A reel-to-reel played over and over and over in my mind - it went something like this;

I just made a huge decision.

I thought it through.

But did I think it through enough?

Round and round it went. My mother moved in with me two weeks ago. She will live here the rest of her life - or until one of us can't do it anymore. So, as I lay in bed, worrying about the decision and it's implications on whatever might happen in the future - I got out of bed and created a new blog. So, NO SLEEP+WRITER+NEW CAREGIVING ADVENTURE=NEW BLOG. That's how it worked in my fatigued, overworked brain anyway.

I plan to write about the day-to-day. I plan to not make my posts too awfully long because as you and I know too well, caregivers don't have a lot of time or an overabundance of brain space for these things. If nothing else, it will be a good space for me to process this new experience. I've always said that I think best with pen in hand (fingers on keyboard). That's what this is.

Come on by and visit me. Here's the link to Home is Where the Love is: Giving Care at Home:

Cheers to a new adventure!




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Thanks for the encouragement! That's so cute, \"She's a hoot!\" Aren't granddaughter's great! Mine is 4 and boy does she come up with the funniest things. Helps balance life out, that's for sure!


Karen - I think blogging is a great idea... it will help crystallize your thoughts, which will help you reaffirm your decisions, which will help alleviate anxiety. For me, going to the caregiving chatroom and bouncing thoughts/ideas off others there seems to help a lot... but as a writer, blogging may work even better for you. However, please keep coming to the chats! :)