Caregiving Support Program, Better Serving the Community


Caregiving Support Program, Better Serving the Community

About six months ago, I started thinking that some day someone will bring a private sector solution to our communities to solve what's not solved by our publicly-funded organizations. Too many family caregivers reach out for help in their communities but don't receive the help they need. In addition, too many family caregivers don't know where to go in their communities for help because it's too hard to find those organizations that actually receive funds to help.

It's a huge problem that will only get worse.

About two months ago, it occurred to me that I have that solution!

We're now offering a community resource called Caregiving Support Program™ (CSP). Even better: These programs will be run by small business owners (maybe even you!) who want to make a difference in their communities.

The CSP program will be launched in communities to provide support and services for family caregivers and former family caregivers including:

  • Ongoing in-person and virtual caregiving support groups called Care and Share meetings.

  • One-on-one consultations with CCCs as often as needed and that respect the budget.

  • Connect with local employers to offer our Caregiving Employee Benefit.

  • Help during evening and weekend hours when family caregivers may have the time to seek support.

  • Referrals to providers and community resources.

  • Support in finding the right facility when it's time to move a caree.

  • After the Diagnosis, a resource for family caregivers.

  • Education about family caregiver needs and challenges.

  • Organize Caregiving Networking groups to connect individuals interested in serving and helping family caregivers.

  • An option to hire a Certified Caregiving Specialist who can take on caregiving tasks so that family caregivers can save time and stay connected to their lives.

  • Regular events including an annual conference.

The CSP program will offer consultations called Family Caregiver Planning Tools™ to help family caregivers create:

  • The Family Emergency Plan

  • The Care Plan

  • The Break Plan

  • The Communication Plan

  • The End-of-Life Plan

  • The WELL Plan

  • The Transition Plan

  • The Celebration Plan

  • The Peace of Mind Plan

  • The Rest of Life Plan

  • The Career During Caregiving Plan

Why do we need a CSP?

  • Our communities need a one-stop shop for all family caregivers to connect with services, support and professionals who understand.

  • Each community needs a CSP because each community has different resources which help. A family caregiver needs to connect with a professional who knows which resources can help.

  • Employers need their employees who care to connect to a resource, like a CSP, that takes the guesswork out of finding the right solutions at the right time.

  • Family caregivers need a resource which helps regardless of their caree’s diagnosis, age and income level.

  • Providers need a trusted referral resource that will assist any family caregiver.

In addition, the local CSP will partner with local organizations like home health agencies, park districts, school districts, pharmacies, retail stores, banks, hospitals, churches and employers.  The CSP receives free office space while the partner organization benefits from a collaborative relationship.

How do you add a CSP to your business?
If you'd like to serve family caregivers and former family caregiver in your community through our CSP, you'll want to enroll in our Partner Training Program which provides the education you need to become a Certified Caregiving Consultant, Educator, Facilitator and Specialist. After completing the Partner training, you complete our CSP training which teaches you how to deliver our proprietary Family Caregiver Planning Tools™, how to effectively take phone calls from family caregivers and how to personalize our solutions to better serve your community. The cost is two payments: $3,497 for our Partner Training and $3,500 for our CSP training. At the end of the two-part training, you become a Certified Caregiving Community Partner which you renew annually for a cost of $497. Your renewal fee covers the cost of additional training to keep your program, skills and knowledge current.

Why add a CSP to your business?
With our program, you receive a turn-key solution that can be personalized to best fit within your business and your community. You benefit from the insights Denise has gained during the 30 years she's worked with family caregivers. Our program is flexible, which means you offer what you works for your business and for your community. You decide which products to offer and what pricing to set. We also offer additional opportunities to earn money as a Caregiving Benefit distributor and a 40% commission when you refer individuals to our training programs.

In addition, we'll list your organization on so that you'll receive referrals from us and from your community host. Our program jumpstarts your business.

I recently held a virtual meeting to discuss the program. You can watch our discussion, below.

If you'd like, you can download the CSP presentation for your reference.

You'll also find more details and our enrollment form here:

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Sounds like a wonderful idea. Much needed.

Denise, wow what a fabulous idea and you already have so much in place. I am definitely on board for the ride.

Denise, this is a wonderful idea. I love it!! I want to learn more about it. I will keep an eye out for the virtual meeting details. Our Support Group is growing & thriving, we've even started a 2nd one geared specifically for those caring for parents, the need for something like this would be SO beneficial to so many. Thank you!!


Absolutely! The possibilities are endless as the need is so great.


So glad you guys like!!! Looking forward to sharing more with you at the conference!!

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