Dad Was a Great Caregiver


Dad Was a Great Caregiver

(Editor's Note: We welcome Bonnie, who cared for her parents, to our blogging team today. You can connect with her on her profile page: @bonnie.)

dad-798086_640I enjoy reading blogs especially those about caregiving. I am now a post-caregiver and an advocate for family caregivers. I cared for my mother as a full-time caregiver for over five years after my father passed away which was in 2001 from a short illness. He was almost 78 at the time. I will share more about my experiences at a later date but today in light of Father's Day soon approaching, I would like to reflect on my dad as a great caregiver.

My mother was the wife who loved cooking, cleaning, and caring for her family. She cooked three meals a day most of her life and everyone enjoyed her cooking. My dad never cooked or cleaned inside the house. He was a good husband, father, and supporter of the family. Dad  cared for the outside and "masculine" things. My parents retired and built a small house on a lake in East Texas where they enjoyed the life of a small community. Mother's arthritis became increasingly worse and she suffered much pain. As her condition increased, Dad began helping with shopping and doing more errands. Then shockingly he began making breakfast for the two of them. Most amazing of all he began washing dishes! He actually took pride in this. On Fridays, he helped her into the car and took her to the beauty parlor where he patiently waited for her. It was touching to see them together.

When he was diagnosed with a fast-paced cancer, the family had difficulty accepting this because it appeared so quickly. From his hospital bed, he said to my brother, sister, and myself,  "Take care of your mother." This we did and for several years, she stayed in her home and we traveled seventy-five miles to assist in her care. Her living alone ended when she fell on both knees and required hospitalization for a time.

On this Father's Day I salute all men who are caregivers--those who care for spouses, siblings, children, or other family members. The Bible tells us to "honor our fathers and mothers" and one of the best ways to do that is with our time. Make time to listen and love them not just care for the physical needs because time passes all too soon.

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Thanks, Bonnie, for reminding me about the kind of love that keeps adapting and growing as the years go by, and even at the last, still cares beyond the days here on this earth. Looking forward to reading your other posts.


Thanks you.