Daughter Knows Best Family Caregiving or Care Home


Daughter Knows Best Family Caregiving or Care Home

At the time of my last post mom AKA Graceldoor, was in the board and care home. She was only there nine months but 36,000 and three bed sores later we decided we should bring her home. It is not something I wanted to do but the care home complained about her being too hard for them to care for every time I visited. I honestly think the CNA'S  were getting too far along in age themselves and had trouble lifting,changing and bathing her. Mom only weighs 90 pounds and is still very pleasant.I was particularly concerned when mom had a seizure and they called me instead of 911. I also think she fell at some point because her knee was bruised the day we went to bring her home. They accused me of lying to the Dr. when I told the Dr. mom looked thinner and was declining.

Since she's been home two weeks her primary care Dr. placed her on Hospice. I agree with the diagnosis that she is in the final stage of Dementia. The tell tell sign is that  she chews and chews but can't hardly swallow her food.This week I pureed everything and even that is difficult for her. She also has no control of her legs and can hardly lift her head. I am glad that her medicare and Kaiser from her employer's retirement plan pays  Hospice and the home health aids to come during the day. I start a new job in two weeks and am glad she'll have care while I am not home.

We  know our loved ones better than anyone else and in most cases if  you're able to handle it,  care from a close loved one is best. The Dr. said mom's skin looks better since she's been here even though she is declining.

The purpose of this post is to encourage those struggling with others telling you what's best. My advice is to ignore them and do what is best for you and your caree.

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Thank you Goldie.


Thinking of you, MIssAngie, at this point in your journey with your mom. I hope your comfort level with your doctor and Hospice continues and you have peace.


Amen! Thank you for the post.