bush-86291_640That piece of equipment seems too ornery to manage.

Until it dawns on you how to work it.

That dietary restriction seems, well, too restrictive.

Until it dawns on you that you have options that will nourish your caree.

That instruction sheet for your caree's new medication regime seems too complicated for a lay person like you.

Until it dawns on you are no lay person--you are an expert in overseeing and providing care to your caree.

The new care needs seem too much, too soon and too difficult.

Until it dawns on you that you've been preparing for this point all along.

You will have doubts until it dawns on you that you can because you already have.

You'll have moments when you feel drained, dog tired, dismayed and discouraged.

Those moments are the nights of your caregiving experience.

But, dawn will come. Your dawn will show you your way.

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Lillie Fuller

I don't own a printer but I will remember it and I will let the positive DAWN on me!

Tracey Martin

I am printing this too! Awesome reminder to stay present. Thanks Denise. :)


This is SO good, Denise -- it's getting printed out and put in my journal ... such a good reminder that all things are possible, and we're stronger than we think we are.